Dohms plan to ensure high staff quality

DUBAI Transparency in hiring policy and the need for doctors to advance in their jobs based solely on their educational level and experience was stressed yesterday by Qadi Saeed Mroushid, Director-General of the Dubai Department of Health and Medical Services (Dohms), during a meeting he held with a specialised Australian firm hired to develop the departments medical and administrative cadres.

By Hani M. Bathish

Published: Sun 6 Apr 2003, 12:03 PM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 9:55 PM

The meeting was held at Al Wasl Hospital and was attended by Dohms hospital directors and heads of various sections.

Discussions covered setting new standards and specifications for hiring qualified medical staff at the Dohms in view of the large number of medical schools in the world today and varying standards.

The Medical Cadre Development Project is expected to improve Dohms doctors advancement prospects in accordance with their scientific and educational levels and capabilities.

The project will help create a continuous evaluation system for Dohms medical staff.

Mr Mroushid said the project will be fully implemented after the department attains the necessary skills from the specialised Australian firm. He said the new project will also work to provide the necessary programmes needed to provide medical staff with continuous medical education.

He pointed to the importance of continuous medical education for doctors as the only way to improve Dohms services, especially as the emirate of Dubai is fast approaching a new era in medical service provision with the establishment of the Dubai Health Care City.

Competitors will enter the market and we will need advanced systems to improve our medical standards in order to compete effectively, to ensure we continue to give high quality medical care through a qualified medical cadre, whether on the medical, nursing or technical level, Mr Mroushid said.

He said the project will be applied in the next 10 months and will evaluate doctors educational qualifications in a scientific manner.

The new system will examine each applicants file and will administer both an oral and a written examination before taking a decision on hiring a doctor.

Mr Mroushid said the Australian company and a specialised Dohms team have the authority to review the files of applicants and Dohms medical staff and administer oral and written tests to arrive at a realistic and comprehensive evaluation.

The tests which the Australian company shall administer does not diminish our medical cadres qualifications or capabilities, but rather it will work towards improving the working environment for our medical team. It will be a perfect opportunity to improve our doctors capabilities in all medical specialities, as well as improve salary scales and advancement prospects, Mr Mroushid said.

The unnamed Australian firm, chosen by Dohms to evaluate its medical cadres and set new standards and specifications for hiring new medical staff, was hired after stiff competition from US, UK and Swiss-based firms.

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