DNRD to focus on social values and entertainment

DUBAI - Acting upon instructions from General Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Minister of Defence, the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) has planned distinguished events for the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) 2004 that begins on January 15 for which it has allocated a budget of Dh11 million.

By A Staff Reporter

Published: Fri 9 Jan 2004, 12:51 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 2:20 AM

The events will focus on portraying the Festival's theme, 'One World, One Family, One Festival' and will be suitable for all members of the family.

At a Press conference organised at the Dubai Press Club by DNRD, Major Jassim Abdul Ghafoor, Assistant Director of DNRD for the Executive Bureau Affairs and Head of the Reception Committee of DSF guests, announced the calender of events organised by DNRD noting that some of the activities organised in the previous year will continue this year with other new functions being organised for the first time.

"Building on our success in the previous festivals and on the direct instructions of Gen. Shaikh Mohammed to further enhance our march towards excellence and our efforts to reflect the theme of DSF, we decided this year to host the First International Youth Environmental Conference under the patronage of Gen. Shaikh Mohammed," Maj. Abdul Ghafoor said, adding that the conference scheduled to be held from January 16 to 21 will host 60 youths aged up to 30 years, with two representatives from each of the 30 participating countries.

"This conference will help establish a cultural dialogue through the different international communities represented by these students. It will witness the announcement of a major event and will be attended by a number of experts including Caroline Welsh, a handicapped diver, who will also elaborate her views on the subject of Ocean Environment during the conference," Maj. Abdul Ghafoor said.

"Dubai completed the year 2003 with several successes to its credit, fulfilling several dreams with the efforts of its youth and its people as per the direction of its leaders. With determined efforts, we will continue to achieve even more success, and create an even more specialised product," Maj Abdul Ghafoor said.

"Dubai Shopping Festival is not only a time to create events that receive the certificate of appreciation from people around the world, it is a time when our youth demonstrate that hard work and a determination to innovate can create several pleasant experiences for the visitors, starting with the warm welcome reception accorded to them," he said.

Maj. Abdul Ghafoor added that DNRD had won the DSF Innovation Award for the 'Best Teamwork' for two consecutive years from 2001. DNRD had also won the same Award for the 'Best Charity Event' and the 'Best Project' in the year 2003, for the Most Innovative Event organised at the Burj Al Arab, in addition to winning the Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Special Award for 'Best Teamwork'.

"This year we decided to double the number of the reception or welcome team which comprised last year 120 students from different colleges and universities," commented Captain Omar Al Shamsi, Deputy Head of the Reception Team.

He noted that the team would also comprise a number of the disabled people who will be there to greet and welcome the visitors with speech and hearing disabilities and will talk to them in sign language.

"This year the DNRD has brought together a team of 90 students, male and female, from 30 different nationalities to be part of the welcome reception organised for the visitors at the airport. These students will join their counterparts from the previous two years in showering presents and roses upon the visitors of DSF."

Maj. Abdul Ghafoor spoke about the distinguished gifts to be distributed to visitors on arrival at the airport, noting that last year the members of the them had given 55,000 roses to individual mothers, and this year the number is expected to increase tremendously.

During the Festival, the Dubai Airport would be the venue for an exhibition titled 'Snake Forest' where 18 different species of snakes will be on display.

Additionally, the department will continue to present its special gift of three-night stay including all expenses at Burj Al Arab for the UAE nationals and residents in any emirate who organise their wedding ceremonies during the shopping festival.

"Last year we presented the gift to 40 UAE nationals from different airports. Despite our open invitation for UAE expatriate residents to avail of the offer, none has applied last year, we repeat the invitation this year as well,"Maj. Abdul Ghafoor said.

Among the activities planned this year a series of vintage and classical vehicle shows in cooperation with the Emirates Cars Union.

"The first classical car parade will take place on the second day of the festival," he added.

Responding to a question on the visa arrangement for DSF visitors, Maj. Abdul Ghafoor said that the department is still working on these arrangements and will announce them very shortly.


The DNRD is organising the 'International Youth Conference on World Environment' from January 16 to 21. The official gathering will take place on January 17 and 18 with around 70 students participating in it from 30 different countries.

This conference will help establish a cultural dialogue through the different international communities represented by these students.

Caroline Welsh, a handicapped diver, will also elaborate her views on the subject of Ocean Environment during the conference

The participants would be taken to visit the various DSF attractions and will also experience the thrills of the desert safari.

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