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Dubai International Academic City continues to attract international student with access to opportunities
Dubai International Academic City continues to attract international student with access to opportunities

Dubai International Academic City serves to boost the UAE's growing reputation as a first-rate higher education provider

Dubai International Academic City is one of the world's largest ecosystems dedicated to higher education. It was established in 2007 by TECOM Group to develop the region's talent pool and establish the UAE as a knowledge-based economy through the provision of internationally accredited, multi-tiered academic institutions.

Situated on an 18 million sq ft campus with state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, the community is home to 27 universities from nine countries, including Amity University Dubai Campus, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani Dubai Campus, British University in Dubai, University of Birmingham Dubai, and IMT Business School, to name a few.

It is also home to more than 27,000 students of more than 150 nationalities, creating a vibrant, diverse and multicultural environment for higher education. Here, students have the opportunity to pursue more than 500 certificate, diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes, all of which continue to expand and grow in line with the dynamic needs of the robust and talented academic community.

The UAE has become a favourable destination for both higher education and employment. Revised regulations that empower students and talented professionals to remain in the country after completing their academic studies after contributed to this. In November 2018, for example, the UAE government approved a decision to grant a five-year visa to outstanding university students who graduated with a distinctive grade point average of at least 3.75. Crucially, the visa benefits include families of outstanding students. This has created an environment that has allowed universities in Dubai International Academic City to attract international students because high-performing graduates have access to opportunities allowing them to remain in Dubai and seek employment upon completion of their studies.

To attract talent, you need world-class academic institutions. Dubai International Academic City boasts many. Recently, the University of Birmingham Dubai received the prestigious Initial Institutional Licensure from the UAE's Ministry of Education. The recognition means graduates from the university are recognised by the UAE Government and have the opportunity to take up employment opportunities in the public sector and achieve their highest potential.

At the start of 2020, the university broke ground on the second phase of campus in Dubai International Academic City, opposite student housing accommodation, and in proximity to retail outlets and sporting facilities. The move demonstrates its long-term commitment to supporting education and research in the UAE.

The expansion of academic institutions in Dubai International Academic City, such as the University of Birmingham Dubai, feeds directly into the UAE's growing reputation as first-rate higher education provider. The infrastructure and ease of doing business within the community enables universities and research centres from all over the world to simply and seamlessly establish themselves in the emirate.

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