Dh1m allocated for training courses

DUBAI - The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has allocated a total budget of Dh1 million for the training courses planned this year, while it decided to suspend the promotions of its employees who fail to join the training courses they have been nominated to attend, according to Humaid bin Deemas, Assistant Under-Secretary for Financial Affairs.

By Sanaa Maadad

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Published: Mon 5 May 2003, 8:59 PM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 10:59 PM

In order to evoke a more positive response from the ministry's employees as far as participation in the courses aimed at enhancing their skills is concerned, the ministry has decided to give a special prize for the employee who proves to be distinguished at the training courses, Mr Bin Deemas told a Press conference at the ministry's premises in Dubai yesterday.

"The ministry accords great importance to training as a means to polish the skills of our staff members and to provide them with all the qualifications and methods required to increase their efficiency and productivity. Accordingly, we planned a number of courses designed to meet certain needs.

A total number of 360 employees took part in the 14 training courses organised from the beginning of this year until end of April," Mr Bin Deemas said.

He said that the ministry is qualifying a number of employees to be trainers in the future, pointing to conducting three types of courses namely specialised programmes, general ones in addition to computer illiteracy eradication courses.

In this regard, he disclosed that the ministry had succeeded to reduced the computer illiteracy at the ministry by 90 per cent, and revealed plans to appoint a specialised computer trainer and allocating special halls for training in Al Ain and in Abu Dhabi to be added to the one already existing in Dubai labour office.

Describing last year as being the 'year for training', he said that a total of 631 employees representing 50 per cent of the manpower at the ministry benefited from 101 training courses, some organised by the ministry and others in cooperation with other establishments and institutes. "We have adopted the policy of cooperating with as many specialised institutes as possible, to diversify the experiences and and make the courses active and appealing," Mr Bin Deemas said, stressing the need for developing the training policies in the country to translate the order of the UAE cabinet concerning the emiratisation. He said that the bureaucracy and long process of obtaining the approval for training courses hinder the process, suggesting to give the ministries a free hand in this matter.

Justifying the fact that the number of trainees in the social sectors are bigger than those in the labour sector, Mr Bin Deemas explained that the nature of work in the social services gives more opportunity for the employee to take part in more than one course, while the huge amount of work performed by employees in the labour sector which serves a huge sector of the society makes it impossible to spare the employees.

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