Design Concepts: Innovative environment, creative energy

Design Concepts: Innovative environment, creative energy
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Design Concepts is the final stop for corporate spaces

By Natalia Ahmed

Published: Mon 30 Sep 2019, 3:20 PM

Interior design has always played a huge role in the morale of employees in the workplace, and one's environment greatly affects their productivity throughout the day. Interior design has become an important aspect of the workplace and the residence, and many office employees feel that the way an office is arranged does affect the outcome of their work.

Design Concepts, an interior design/architecture company, was first started in 2008 to provide all the necessary solutions to corporate workspace troubles, providing everything required, from outdoor changes to handling the interior environment.  
The focus was on designing corporate spaces to provide a creative workspace that flows with contemporary trends and ideas. Apart from corporate spaces, Design Concepts has also worked on government, administration, and academic spaces as well, and helped design Zayed University and the Central Bank of UAE, to name a few. Rather than focusing on products alone, the goal is to provide guidance from the design of the space to the construction, ensuring that every step is properly followed.
When asked about their presence and impact on the community in the UAE, Lijo Mathew confidently spoke about his ability to deliver satisfaction to the customer.

"We are professional architects and interior designers, and provide good quality services and solutions within their budget." 
The vital point in their planning, which helps them stand out from others, is space planning. "That is a key point in all our projects - we don't waste space in any project, we use every corner," he added.
When it comes to tasteful products, Design Concepts is the place to go. With unique items added to the workspace, they gives it that extra splash of excitement. One of his favourite products is the 'moss wall', a vertical green wall that helps introduce a natural element indoors.

For those looking to redesign their own interior spaces, Mathew has a bit of advice. "When it comes to the interior space, many people buy something they like without thinking about how it will fit in - the space then ends up being cluttered. It's important to take some time to review what you're buying and whether it will go or not," he points out, referring to the idea of people impulse buying, and then not knowing what to do with the item when they get home.

A vital aspect of design is to make sure each element in the space contributes to an overall theme. It is important to pick out items that you know will suit your aesthetic - this advice can be applicable to any space.

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