Deposit to enter auction for car numbers is hiked

DUBAI — The Dubai Police has increased the deposit amount to enter the auction for customised car number plates from Dh1,000 to Dh5,000, Captain Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri, Acting Director of the Administration Affairs, has said.

By A Staff Reporter

Published: Wed 3 Aug 2005, 10:16 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:09 PM

The new deposit amount will be applicable from today's auction to be held at the Traffic General Department at Al Barsha, Capt. Al Mansouri, who is also the supervisor of the Customised Car Number place Auction, said.

According to rules, a bidder forfeits the deposit if he or she fails to pay the amount he had bid for a particular number plate. The deposit, however, is deducted from the price of the number plate when the customer pays for it. The deposits also refunded in case a customer fails to win a bid, and does not buy any customised number plate, he said, adding: "The rule regarding the usual non-refundable Dh100 entry fee remains unchanged."

Today's auction will be held for 70 three, four and five digit customised number plates of E and D codes. It is expected that these car numbers generate more than double their total nominal value, which is Dh1.84 million.

The first group of the auction includes nine three-digit car numbers of Codes E and D, which are of Dh80,000 nominal price each. The numbers of this group are 353, 373, 355, 434, 533, E525, D525, 636, 717, 838, 277 and 959.

The second group includes nine three-digit numbers of Code E and are of Dh60,000 nominal price each. The numbers are 115, 226, 332, 445, 449, 554, 884, 994 and 996.

The third includes 24 four-digit car numbers of Codes E and D and are of Dh5,000 nominal value. The numbers in this group are 1131, 1151, 1181, 2232, 2272, 2292, 3323, 3363, 4424, 4494, 5565, 5595, 6616, 6656, 7737 and 7797. And, 8818, 8828, 9939, 9969 of both E and D Codes.

The fourth group includes eight five-digit numbers of Code E with Dh30,000 nominal value. The numbers are 11011, 22022, 33033, 44044, 22262, 22292, 33313, 33343, 33363, 44424, 44484, 66066, 77077, 88088 and 99099.

The fifth group includes 18 five-digit numbers of Code E and are of Dh10,000 nominal value each. The numbers in this group are 11114, 11116, 22225, 22229, 33331, 33336, 44443, 44447, 55556, 55558, 99997, 99992, 88889, 88887, 77775, 77773, 66665 and 66662.

The department will also auction today the customised car number of Code E 40404 with a nominal value Dh40,000.

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