Data Collection on Attitude, Habits of Emirati Youth

ABU DHABI -The Emirates Foundation is funding 13 new academic projects to gather data about the attitudes, preferences and strengths of young people in the UAE.

By Staff Reporter

Published: Wed 11 Feb 2009, 1:06 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 9:37 AM

The leading philanthropic institution will allocate up toDh200,000 to each of the selected initiatives, which will provide vital insights into the attitudes and habits of young Emiratis in the country.

Information Technology

Subjects that have been given the green light include studies on Emirati attitudes towards marriage, unemployment and volunteer work, as well as addiction to information technology and the role of peer pressure in how young people drive vehicles.

The foundation expects that the data gathered will be used by policy-makers, teachers, academicians and other interested groups who plan for the needs of young people.

To encourage UAE nationals to develop further research skills and acquire experience, each project is required to have at least one Emirati working on the research team. This is part of the project’s parallel mission to foster a research culture in the UAE.

The winners are affiliated to six institutions: UAE University; the American University of Sharjah; Sharjah University; the British University in Dubai (BUiD); the Dubai School of Government; and the International Council for Security and Development.

The Foundation’s Social Development Programme invited applications for the ‘Research on Emirati Youth Grants’ back in May 2008, as part of a project that has been jointly funded by the Occidental Petroleum Corporation.

The winners were chosen from 20 research applications submitted to an independent selection committee comprising six academics and a representative from Occidental Petroleum.

Dr Mona Al Bahar, senior executive adviser for the Emirates Foundation’s Social Development Programmes, said most of the research would be completed within a year.

‘Fascinating Projects’

“We have seen a high standard of applicants for this funding and we hope the results of these 13 fascinating projects will filter back into the UAE policy-making quite quickly.”

She added, “The foundation is committed to backing research of this type so that our country’s leaders have access to reliable statistical data when making future decisions.”

The ‘Research on Emirati Youth Grants’ are the latest in a continuing programme of funding initiatives by the foundation.

It follows a consultative process in 2007, whereby the organisation identified areas of UAE life which could benefit from academic research.


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