Darkness at midnight and noon

Power eluded many areas of Sharjah for hours together on Saturday, leaving residents waterless in sweltering heat, besides affecting commercial and industrial establishments.

By Shafaat Ahmed

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Published: Mon 31 May 2010, 8:08 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 3:49 PM

The residential, commercial and industrial areas of the densely-populated city affected by the latest outage included Al Nahda, Al Naba’a, Al Marija, Abu Shaghara, Rolla, Budang and Al Qasimiya.

The first outage struck around 3.30am in some parts of the industrial area, leaving people in the dark for two hours. It hit the industrial areas again around 10am before going on to affect residential and commercial areas.

The frequency of power cuts is leaving residents utterly nonplussed. Most of them seem resigned to their fate even as they urge authorities to find an enduring solution to the problem.

“We have got used to it now,” says Albert T, an engineer who resides in Rolla, where power went off around noon. “We know there is a shortage and this will keep happening. People are adjusting to it, but it is difficult when it happens suddenly or for long hours. The authorities should issue a schedule of power cuts, naming the areas that would be affected, along with timings and duration.”

Many residents echoed Albert’s viewpoint, saying when the timing and duration of the outage is known in advance, people can avoid getting caught in awkward situations.

There are people who have made arrangements with their relatives or friends in the neighbouring emirates and say advance notice will help them leave well in time.

Balan N, a resident of the Industrial Area No. 3, said his area was in the dark for most of the night and his children could not sleep. However, the bigger problem to him was lack of water.

“We have been without water for a few hours now as there is no power to pump it up,” said Balan. It’s very difficult, especially for children, to go without water. We urge authorities to avoid cutting powers for long hours.”

Residents are also urging landlords to install power generators so that at least there is a proper supply of water.

Businesses are also being affected by these blackouts as customers simply don’t bother to shop in the heat. Also, it is affecting cold storage and perishable goods risk damage.

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