Daily power cuts leave residents ‘powerless’

DUBAI — Residents in several parts of Rashidiya, Mizhar, Mirdiff and Naif areas in Dubai are miffed by the frequent power disruption resulting in darkness in their homes for several hours daily.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 3 Aug 2005, 10:18 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:09 PM

The erratic power supply has been reported to occur in the past two months. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) officials say they are still investigating into the matter.

Ruling out any power shortage, Adnan Al Nagi, Deputy Executive Director of Public Service at Dewa said the cause of disruption of power was due to heavy consumption in some areas resulting in a drop in energy supply to other consumers.

He urged residents whose power consumption is heavy to notify Dewa to facilitate replacement of cables to withstand the heavy consumption. Besides, Al Nagi said the other reason for power disruption in these areas was due to staggered power supply on account of maintenance work and installation of cables and transformers. But, Dewa had notified the public through various media in advance about the disruption, he said, adding that Dewa was, however, looking into public complaints immediately.

Mohamed Mukhtar, a resident of Al Rashidya area complained that during the summer season, specially with temperatures soaring beyond 40 degrees Celsius, no one can tolerate disruption in power supply. "Both adults and children can suffer heat-stroke and suffer from other health problems created by unbearable high temperatures," he said.

Mustafa Belal from Al Mizhar complained against Dewa's policies and its role. "DEWA will have to look into the core of the problem and resolve it, and ensure that the problem does not recur," he said.

A resident of Mirdiff, Moza Al Humaid, said power cut in summers affects the entire family "since airconditioning in homes nowadays is more important than water."

Saeed Al Tayer, Chairman of Dewa told reporters that DEWA was investigating into frequent power failure in various parts of Dubai and will find effective solution to the problem.

He said Dewa's achievements in terms of increasing power production, distribution network and installation of transformers was exemplary. Currently, Dewa was working on a project with an energy production capacity of 2450 mega watts and 125 million gallons of water.

"In addition, other major projects are also underway to cope with the emirate's development and meet the water and power demands of the public. These projects, which will help a great deal in solving this problem, include the third phase of Al Aweer Main Electricity Station and Al Aweer Water desalination Plant, Al Tayer said.

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