Crowning glory

Crowning glory
A pixie cut is a fun haircut, and is easier to gel up with mousse, or pair with fun headbands.

Dress up with festive tresses


Farhana Chowdhury

Published: Sun 1 Dec 2019, 11:06 AM

Last updated: Tue 17 Dec 2019, 1:13 PM

Tinsel town
Get that fairy shine by getting some tinsels in your hair. While it looks like a simple DIY, we'd recommend leaving up to the experts. Several stylists across Dubai specialise in weaving the subtle sparkle into hair, giving just the right amount of shimmer as you step out for the festive season. Don't forget to stay clear from high heat devices, which could cause your tinsel to lose its shape.
Peek-a-boo who?
While dousing our hair in crazy colours may not the most ideal thing to do this holiday, considering what you do for a living, you can let your inner rainbow shine by dyeing the bottom half of your hair in funky streaks. The peek-a-boo look promises you just enough oomph to make heads turn every time you tie your hair up or part your hair sideways, and works in your favour once you're ready to get back to work.
Holiday chignon
Hook up your hair with a classy up-do by pairing a chignon bun with a glitzy headband. Simply tie up your hair in a neat ponytail, twist the end and leave some hair at the end, loop it and secure with bobby pins. There's nothing classier than an up-do, and that too, a neat bun. 
Hello, Tinkerbell!
If you're feeling bold enough to snip it all off, opt for a cute pixie cut this season. The cropped look is tres chic, and depending on the textured cut, you can jazz up a voluminous look with some mousse. Additionally, you can flat-iron the face-framing ends for a cute wispy look, pair it with a glam knotted headband, slide on gem-studded pin, or grab a straightener to create some close-knit waves.
Wig it up
Want to change your look but can't commit? Why not try a wig? Now, you may want to skip on the human hair types since they're pricey, but you can grab ones with synthetic fibres from a party centre or retail outlet in various parts of Dubai. These come in shiny forms that work great for rave parties. Pro-tip: Dip them overnight in fabric softener if you'd like to reduce that tacky shine. 

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