Court upholds death penalty of visitor for killing friend

DUBAI — The Court of Appeal upheld on Wednesday the death penalty given to an Egyptian visitor for the premeditated murder of a compatriot.

The court panel presided by Judge Moustapha Shinawi read out the verdict in which the defendant’s name was rectified as it was known that he forged his passport.

The 52-year-old defendant — a visitor — was given capital punishment in June for murdering his friend by smashing his head with a bar. The murder was linked to the theft of the victim’s mobile phone and credit card.

Earlier, the prosecutor informed the Court of Appeal about the real name of the defendant. When Judge Shinawi asked the latter whether his name as it was in the charge sheet was correct he said yes.

According to court records, the defendant killed the victim and then took his car and used his credit card to watch a movie with his girlfriend and invite her to dinner. He was charged with murdering the Egyptian victim and stealing his mobile phone and credit card which he used to buy jewellery worth Dh7,000.

In court earlier, the defendant said he needed money so he used the victim’s credit card.

The police was informed by the victim’s brother in March last year he tried calling the victim in vain. Then he went to the victim’s flat in Baraha area in Dubai where he saw the body of his brother and blood everywhere.

A police officer, who went to the crime scene, testified that he saw injuries on the victim’s head and they found out that his credit card was used to buy cinema ticket and jewellery.

The police could identify the suspect through the CCTV surveillance footage in the jewellery shop and the cinema.

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