Court puts off drug case till interpreter appears

DUBAI — The Dubai Criminal Court yesterday adjourned a drug smuggling case till an interpreter appears in court to communicate the claims of four Tanzanian culprits who were nabbed concealing 572 capsules inside their intestines, aiming to smuggle them inside the country.

By Mohsen Rashid

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Published: Mon 28 Aug 2006, 9:49 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 6:18 PM

These capsules were said to contain heroin and Phenobarbital, two illegal drug materials. The four accused were arrested while they were staying at the Dubai Airport hotel.

The case history goes back to May 22, when the Anti-Narcotics Department received information from one room cleaner who found a capsule in the bathroom of one of the hotel’s rooms.

The cleaner suspected that the pill might be an illegal drug. The anti-narcotics policemen rushed immediately to the scene and confiscated the pill. It was proved that the capsule contained heroin. The client occupying the room — identified as B. M. — was arrested.

One of the other convicts — identified as L. K. H. — watched the policemen approaching the room of B. M. Consequently, he rang up the others in a bid to avoid arrest, but he was arrested. The other two accused — identified as R. S. and F. A., residing in the nearby room — were also apprehended.

On inspecting the room where R. S. and F. A. stayed, the policemen found 126 drug capsules under the bed hidden in a bag. The culprits admitted that the said pills were for L. K. H. Thirteen other drug pills concealed inside one of the convict’s underwears, besides other quantity hidden in their luggage, were also seized.

The convicts were taken to the Anti-Narcotics Department. One of the culprits got 20 pills out from his intestine. The four convicts, thereafter, were transferred to the Rashed Hospital for three days till they took out all the pills, hidden inside their stomachs and intestines. The court has postponed the case till September 5 to summon for a Tanzanian interpreter to hear the arguments of the convicts.

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