Court asks woman to give up deferred dowry claim

ABU DHABI — The Federal Supreme Court has asked a woman to give up her deferred dowry and pay Dh3,600 compensation to husband to get the right for Khulaa.

By Adel Arafah

Published: Fri 6 Apr 2007, 9:29 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 1:37 AM

According to the article No 110 of the Federal Personal Status Law No 28 of 2005, Khulaa is an agreement which is reached amicably between a couple to get divorce on condition that the dowry or compensation claim will be relinquished, the court said.

According to court records, the husband filed a lawsuit at the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance, demanding that his wife should be asked to live with him in his house. The wife filed a counter lawsuit demanding divorce from her husband. The court granted divorce to the wife on the condition that she would give up dowry claim.

The husband moved the appellate court which ruled that the wife should relinquish her deferred dowry and pay Dh3,600 as compensation in return for Khulaa.

Being dissatisfied with the amount of the compensation, the husband filed a plea before the Federal Supreme Court asking for an appropriate compensation.

He contended that he had spent around Dh150,000 on his wife, yet the apex court said that the compensation demanded by the husband was excessive. Accordingly, it upheld the lower court’s ruling.

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