Course completed ... certificate not issued even after six months

AN Abu Dhabi complainant said he completed a two-year course with Zenith Training Institute six months ago but has not yet received his certificate.

By Complaints Corner

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Published: Tue 4 Jul 2006, 10:01 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:07 PM


ABUBAKER Mohamed Abubaker, Principal of Zenith Training Institute, said this complaint is not valid as all students receive their Ministry of Education approved certificates for each course on completion. He said if the student had not received his certificate for any course conducted at Zenith, he may please contact the central office to claim it.

More of Sewa and power shortage complaints

SHIBU complained about the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Sewa). He said that the power failure problem especially during the summer has become "a general situation in Sharjah". "The only difference is that it shifts from one area to another. The Sewa complaint section phone is literary dead. God knows if the receiver is permanently off the hook," he complained.

Shibu claimed that power got disconnected at 7.25am in the Mussalla area and was restored after 12 midnight. "It is needless to describe the miseries during day time when women are seen with feeding babies lying on the verandas even at midnight. How many of the middle class people can afford renting hotels rooms to seek shelter from the heat?" he queried.

The Khaleej Times hotline caller observed: "Lots of complaints were sent to Sewa during the past few days but all fell on deaf ears. The situation exposes the department's poor crisis management capacity. As a resident I would request the authorities concerned to seriously look into this situation and implement radical measures to avoid similar situations, which should not recur for such a long duration and that too in summer."


WHEN contacted, an official from Sewa gave the same reply that we have been publishing in this corner. He attributed the frequent power failure to the increase of consumption pressure in summer, which is the reason cited by Sewa putting the blame on the consumers for overloading the network.

The official said that the power shortage was not caused by the lack of power reserve. "The electricity generation plant in Sharjah alone produces more than 2,000 megawatts per day and the maximum consumption of electricity is never exceeding more than 1,500 megawatts per day during the peak summer times, which leaves the city with a big reserve of electricity."

The official explained that the pressure on the network cause damages and technical problems in the main power generation plant. However, he disclosed that Sewa had embarked on the construction of the Al Hamriya's biggest water desalination and electricity generation plant in Sharjah. Once completed, this project would enable Sewa to meet the needs of the Al Hamriya area and the other new areas as it will produce 2,000 megawatts of electricity and 80 million gallons of desalinated water a day.

Pizza order delivery was late

RASIKA said that she had ordered from Pizza Hut, Al Karama Branch, a vegetable pizza via the toll free number with a promise to get it in 45 minutes. She said that after one hour, she called the toll free number to tell them that the order is late, but the operator said that the delivery boy is downstairs and will be at your place in five minutes.

One hour after the call (total two hours of waiting), the delivery boy arrived and said that he had an accident. Rasika's mother asked where the accident happened and why he did not call them or the police since the Pizza Hut branch is very close to them. The delivery boy then said that there was no accident but that there were too many orders and he could not deliver on time.

After two long hours, the pizza arrived. "Not only was it cold, but it was also with beef, which I do not eat and I never ordered," Rasika said.


MOHAMMED Zaki, head of Pizza Hut branches in Dubai, denied that such an incident occurred. He said, "We have customer service for these issues. We really want to hear what customers have to say and we would like them to approach us with suggestions, comments and complaints." He also said that he has never heard of orders from Pizza Hut that were two hours late. "They might get late because of all the traffic and parking spaces, but two hours? That's too much," he added.

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