Couple of the week

The things people do to just hang on to power! We are talking about French President Nicholas Sarkozy and his glamorous former super-model wife Carla Bruni, who are undergoing an overnight transformation from “It couple” to everyday, average folk like you and me.


Published: Sat 25 Feb 2012, 11:37 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 12:01 PM

Sarkozy, who is headed into a tough re-election campaign later this year, is trailing arch-rival, socialist Francois Hollande, and has clearly been told that the First Couple of France desperately need an image makeover if they want to continue to occupy the Presidential palace. Nix the multi-million euro Presidential jet, give the designer threads the heave ho and stop hobnobbing with the rich and the well-heeled is what the couple have clearly been told because his political advisors have possibly gauged how cheesed off the French public are with their taste for all things luxurious.

Which is why the leggy Ms Bruni is seen these days on the covers of ordinary television listings magazines and other stuff that ordinary folk read, wearing staid cardigans and oversized pants, cradling new baby girl Giulia in her arms. And if that image does not endear itself to the citizens, she is ready with quotes about how much she loves watching reality television and how her beloved husband has got her hooked to Tour de France. And, she said, she is determined to be at her husband’s side as her makes his re-election bid.

As for the President himself, he has taken to wearing his heart on his sleeve and has been extensively caught on camera enjoying cozy strolls arm in arm with his wife, carrying their infant, and cutting the picture of a complete family man.

Meanwhile, the strategy seems to be already working wonders for Sarkozy whose popularity score rose by 8 points from early January to 38 percent in the middle of last week. We can now be fairly sure that he will avoid his rich friends and their lifestyle like the plague, till the election is well behind him.

We are not sure if his sudden change of electoral fortune has anything to do with UK Prime Minister David Cameron giving him the thumbs up but we will keep you posted on the developments on this front periodically.

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