Corporate iftar on a desert safari

Corporate iftar on a desert safari

Before the sumptuous iftar party and dinner at sunset, you and your employees can enjoy a unique adventure in the desert.

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Published: Mon 29 Jun 2015, 3:23 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 3:16 PM

Corporate Iftar on a Desert Safari

With the holy month of Ramadan now in full swing, different iftar celebrations are also available all over the city. Restaurants and hotels are overflowing with delectable offerings on their buffet tables and menu for the daily observance to break the fasting. 

Mainly a community affair, iftar is best enjoyed in the company of family, friends, or colleagues. It is the spirit of sharing and charity that pervades the table at iftar time. Companies can make the most of this wonderful occasion to gather their employees and break their fast together with a barbecue dinner on a wonderful desert safari in Dubai

Before the sumptuous iftar party and dinner at sunset, you and your employees can enjoy a unique adventure in the desert. 


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Dune bashing. An outing in the desert is not complete without an adventure in the golden sands of Dubai. Onboard 4x4 SUVs manned by expert desert drivers, go on a roller coaster ride across the undulating sandy hills. See the sands fly and splash around you as your ride speeds up and down the rolling dunes. 

Sand boarding. Slide down the sandy hills on a board and feel the wind in your hair. A few make it to the bottom of the slope while others fall flat along the way. Either way, it is a must-try adrenaline-pumping adventure on a Dubai desert safari to drive the office blues away. 

Sunset viewing. Bid the day goodbye with a view of the breathtaking sunset instead of the walls of your cubicle. Embrace the beauty of the desert as you watch the sun cast breathtaking colors across the sprawling sands as it slowly sinks. The fading of the light also signals the end of the day’s fasting as you prepare for the iftar. 

Camel riding. For that authentic Bedouin feel, ride on a camel and embrace the days of old. Gentle yet majestic, these charming kings of the desert offer a relaxing ride across the dunes. Step back in time and know what it feels like back in the old days on the strong and sturdy backs of the camel. 

Corporate Iftar on a Desert Safari

Camp activities. At the camp, a lot of exciting treats awaits guests. Get some henna tattoo on your hand, try out local Arabic costumes, be amazed at sand art making, and buy souvenirs to make this day memorable. In observance of Ramadan, however, there are no Belly Dancing and Tanoura Dance performances. 

Barbecue dinner. Cap the evening with the main event. Enjoy an iftar on a desert safari Dubai. Break your fast with sweet nutritious dates as well as healthy chai. A buffet spread of delectable Arabic and Indian cuisine is prepared by master chefs while a mouthwatering barbecue station offers a wide variety of grilled meats. Refreshments are free flowing, but alcoholic drinks are not served during Ramadan. 

Book an extraordinary Dubai desert safari with Day Out Dubai. Share a sumptuous barbecue dinner with your employees or colleagues, and give thanks to the blessings that abound this holy month Ramadan.

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