Construction noise at odd hours annoys residents

BALA complained about the disturbance caused by the construction of a building in Abu Shagara. He said that for the last four days, the noise during day and night, even on Fridays is unbearable.

By (Complaints Corner)

Published: Sun 27 Aug 2006, 9:36 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 6:17 PM


AN official from the Sharjah Municipality said the municipality grants construction companies permission to work at night as well as during the daytime only in cases where continuous construction work is required, such as concrete pouring. But this permission is usually given for only a week. The complainant can always come to the municipality to lodge a complaint if night construction work continues past the specified period. The municipality’s building section inspectors would be instructed to inspect the site in question and investigate the matter. “If a company is found violating the rules, it would be subjected to penalties.”

Workers’ claims refuted

WORKERS from Express Printing Company in Abu Dhabi complained of maltreatment at work. Besides, they claimed that they are forced to work for long hours that sometimes extend to 11 hours per day and that some workers did not get their dues for the last two months. “The manager shouts at us during the working hours, and sometimes, I have to work for 11 hours a day,” complained a worker at the company who declined to mention his name.


ALI Khalaf, manager of the company, refuted claims of the workers about bad working conditions at this firm. “It is not true at all, there is no problem with the workers. Everything is okay, and we do not delay the employees’ wages,” said Mr Khalaf.

Only soft drinks, no tea

HARISH called Khaleej Times hotline to complain against Sahara Centre, Sharjah. He said: “I went to watch a movie at Sahara Centre cinemas. Near the entrance of the cinema, there was a sign saying that tea and coffee was not allowed beyond that point. When I went in, I noticed that soft drinks were being sold there and people were allowed to take them in the cinema itself. When I asked the employees present there about this, they replied that it was the management’s policy. Now, why are soft drinks allowed and not tea or coffee?


SAHARA Centre replied: “Visitors are not allowed to bring food from outside into the cinema halls area. A variety of snacks and drinks are sold on the cinemas premises. Because tea or coffee is not available, the management has allowed only those people purchasing coffee from Starbucks cafe to bring it to the cinema areas. Food and drinks from any other food outlet in the mall are not allowed.”

Poor service alleged

MOIDEEN Kutti called up the Khaleej Times Hotline with a complaint against the Al Rosoki Money Exchange. A security guard by profession, the man had gone to the exchange unit at the Al Quoz Branch to send money. “After the transaction was made, they handed over the receipt to me.

“But then it was without any signatures. When I asked for one, the cashier started to shout at me telling that they don’t give any signatures on the receipts.

“The man was very rude to me. Just because I am a labourer does not mean that we have no value. After sometime, the manager came out and signed the receipt. But then, the way the official behaved was very rude and bad.”


MADAN Gopal, one of the managers of the exchange, said: “There was a misunderstanding. There is a system of stamping the receipt. And one does not require to sign it after this. Even if a customer wants a signature, the cashier is not authorised to do it. There are some officials who can put their initials on it.

“The man wanted a signature and the cashier asked him to go to another official sitting beside him three times. But probably, he could not understand it.

“We have had a talk with the cashier and he said that Kutti suddenly became angry and threw away the receipt and started asking for the cash.

This caused some problems. But then, we came out and made him understand the process. We also apologised for the trouble he faced.”

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