Companies warned on filing fake reports of absconding

ABU DHABI — Companies that file fake reports about absconding employees to avoid paying them their dues will be suspended, an official has said.

By Nada S. Mussallam

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Published: Wed 13 Apr 2005, 10:39 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:03 PM

“Any company found involved in fabricating reports to make the authority believe that the employee has run away, will have its file suspended while its labour transactions will not be processed,” a senior official source at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs yesterday told Khaleej Times.

“The ministry will not hesitate to take administrative as well as punitive actions against these companies. Such practice hinders the procedures of authorities and prevent them from performing their duties and, therefore, necessitates taking up punitive measure as per article 181 of the labour law on penalties,” he added.

The official said fake reports on absconding workers have been on the increase lately as some unscrupulous employers manipulate to avoid paying their employees their entitlement, especially those who have been working for a long period, by reporting them as absconding, even when the employers know their whereabouts and, in some cases, keep in touch.

“These employers think that by going around the bush and trying to deceive labour authorities they might escape paying their workers their dues, particularly the gratuity money as absconding workers are not entitled to claim end of service benefits,” said the source.

He said some employers conclude agreement with their employees to allow them work elsewhere or have an open vacation and after a short span of time report them as absconding.

“Employers are not responsible for giving employees ‘no objection’ letter to work elsewhere. They are mainly concerned with providing employees with all their dues and make sure that they have left the country.”

About some employers who issue visa for their partners as employees and not business associates, the official said this is another serious problem that is liable to be penalised.

“It has been lately noticed that to avoid the financial and administrative procedures of the Immigration and Residence Department, some employers tend to issue visa for their partners as employees. This is against the law and the employer will be hold responsible for any false information,” said the official.

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