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Common mistakes you should avoid when applying to university

Common mistakes you should avoid when applying to university
It is always recommended to start the application process early and make sure you have a second opinion before you submit them.

By Caspar Bhurgri

Published: Sun 8 Sep 2019, 11:33 AM

Last updated: Sun 8 Sep 2019, 1:37 PM

Why do you want to study here?
No admissions officer wants to read information what they already know about the university. Thoroughly research the university of your choice and find something unique that you like and talk about that in your admissions essay.
Teacher's recommendation
Do not leave this for the last minute! Ask your teacher in advance and remind them shortly after so that they have time to write a strong recommendation for you, and have it ready well in advance for submission along with your application.
When you come across this section on the website or in the brochure, try not to skip it. Every scholarship awarding body looks at two main factors when deciding whether or not to give you the scholarship - if you make a good future investment and if you can prove that you deserve it.
Proofread your application
Spell checks are good, however, you should also get someone else to review your documents and application. Counsellors, teachers, even your parents can help you with this. This will only help increase your chances of getting an offer!
Last minute submissions
Last day submissions are always risky and never recommended. A lot of colleges and universities do keep a track on your application submission timeline, so you do not want it to reflect negatively. It may indicate that either you are lazy, or that the university you have applied to is not your first choice.  
Giving up after a rejection
Apply to at least three higher education institutions to improve your chances of getting an offer. So what if the university on your top list did not accept your application. When one door closes, another opens; you just have to keep on trying!

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