Chemistry paper ‘tough’, say students

ABU DHABI — Many students who appeared for the General Secondary School Certificate (GSSC) chemistry paper yesterday said “it was very tricky and difficult.”

By Nada S. Mussallam

Published: Sun 12 Jun 2005, 10:59 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:57 PM

To the disappointment of many science students, the chemistry exam this year was far more difficult than last year’s paper, which was described by many as easy and satisfactory.

Many science students in Abu Dhabi were unhappy after they left the exam hall, saying the paper had put them in a tight spot as most of the questions were long and complicated. They also complained that the gap between the last exam and the chemistry paper was not adequate as they had to study 10 units before appearing for the exam.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Mohammed Salim from Zayed II Exams Committee, said: “The chemistry exam was very difficult and lengthy. There were nine pages. Even though the questions were clear and based on the textbook, they were still tricky and indirect. I had difficulty particularly with question number four pertaining to components and elements.”

Another student, Hiba Hussein Eid, said: “The chemistry paper was difficult, indirect and long. Even the multiple choice section contained difficult questions.”

Wdima Salim, from Al Widha School Exams Committee, said: “All the questions were difficult and tricky and mainly focused on units from the first semester. We did not have enough time to prepare for the exam.”

Students from the Arts stream, who had to take physics as a paper for the first time, also complained that they were not provided with papers from previous exams.

“I don’t know why we had to study physics. Most of my friends also feel that they didn’t do well. The text book prescribed did not clearly explain the subject. We also failed to get old exams patterns,” said one of the students.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Mohammed bin Hammar, Head of Programme and Curriculum Department at Abu Dhabi Educational Zone, said the Arts’ students complaints basically arose because they were taking the physics exams for the first time.

He said his department had not received any complaints from science students yet.

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