Check your vehicles regularly for your own good

Motorists must carry out routine safety checks on their vehicles to avoid problems related to wear and tear that cause accidents, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has advised.

Eng Hussain Al Banna, Director of the Traffic Department at the RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency, said motorists should carry out frequent and routine safety checks throughout the year, particularly during long-distance road travels, he said.

As part of its awareness campaign targeting road travellers, the RTA is distributing a ‘Road Travellers Guide’ that contains important information on how to check vehicles and what to do in the event of vehicle breakdown. Simple routine maintenance helps prevent vehicle breakdown on highways, reduce fuel consumption, and avert engine snags.

“The driver has to check-up the functionality of several systems and instruments of the vehicle to avoid sudden breakdowns. It is recommended to visit the auto dealer or the workshop, which the driver frequently visits, to ensure the travel-worthiness of the vehicle,” said Al Banna.

The checklist mainly includes tyres, brakes, oil levels, radiator liquid level, air-conditioner, battery, electrical cables, front and rear lights, and oil leakage at the vehicle’s undercarriage.

Not all checks require an expert; there are many that can be carried out by the driver himself. “The tyre air pressure and engine oil level can be checked by anyone, provided these checks are carried out before the vehicle moves out,” noted Al Banna.

The official also alerted motorists not to top-up the brake oil when found on low level before checking the brake pads and other components of the vehicle’s brake system.

He also advised motorists to avoid driving at the tail of trucks laden with sand, brick, gravel, barrels or long-sized steel or wooden material as such objects might fall at any moment, triggering dangerous crashes.

“Motorists are also advised to frequently move around their vehicles and have a look on the body and tyres to ensure that there is no leakage of water or oil before driving the vehicles,” he asserted. —

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