Celebrating diversity

Celebrating diversity
AKCAF helped celebrate the Year of Tolerance with a grand floral arrangement, encouraging a strong relationship between India and the UAE.

AKCAF spearheads various socio-cultural initiatives to celebrate UAE's diversity

AKCAF Events (AKCAF) is an entity registered under the UAE law. With the main objective to organise events for the Indian community at large and for college friends from across Kerala, AKCAF seeks to celebrate the enduring strong relationship between the UAE and India.  One of its missions is to bring cultural festivals and events to the UAE and enhance better bonding and brotherhood between the peoples of both nations.
AKCAF's activities are led by prominent personalities from different walks of life.  
Team leaders:
- Issac John Pattaniparambil, Chief Patron, AKCAF Events
- Shahul Hameed, Chairman, AKCAF
- Charls Paul, President, AKCAF
- Abdul Salam, CEO, Globerz Entertainments
- VS Bijukumar, Gen. Secretary, AKCAF
- Anoop Anil Devan, Gen. Convener - Flowers of Tolerance/AKCAF
- Adv. Backer Ali, Gen. Convener - Flowers of Tolerance/AKCAF
- Adv. Hashik T., AKCAF
- Shyam Vishwanathan, AKCAF
- Riva Philipose, Finance lead, AKCAF
- Manoj KV, Pookkalam lead, AKCAF
- Judin Fernandez, Facilities lead
Flowers of Tolerance
This mega project is organised by AKCAF and Globerz Entertainments to promote world peace and tolerance. It is also aimed to project the UAE as the Land of Tolerance and Happiness, while celebrating the theme of Tolerance in the country, with a unique event where the Flowers of Tolerance and Parade of Tolerance was held with the support of the UAE Government.
As part of the Year of Tolerance initiatives, AKCAF Events joined hands with Globerz Entertainments to execute the Flowers of Tolerance, a Guinness Book of World Record for the Largest Fresh Flower Carpet in the World, and has successfully achieved the feat. The record-breaking size of the carpet stands at 5,426.65 square metres (58,412 square feet).

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