Careless smoker sparks scare on flight

DUBAI - A passenger’s attempt to smoke a cigarette in the toilet of an Etihad Airways flight from Dhaka to Abu Dhabi gave passengers and crew a scare when it sparked a small fire and set off the smoke alarm.

Etihad Airways Corporate Communications vice-president Iain Burns said nobody was harmed and the fire was quickly extinguished on the March 13 flight carrying 231 passengers.

“A smoke detector alarm went off in one of the aircraft’s toilets because an inconsiderate passenger had lit a cigarette, which is banned on all of our flights,” said Burns.

“The cigarette lit some toilet paper which caused some small flames, but these were swiftly extinguished by our alert, calm and expertly-trained cabin crew.

“At no time whatsoever, were the passengers in any danger,” said Burns.

The passenger was not arrested on arrival at the Abu Dhabi International Airport but has been banned by Etihad from further travel with the airline.

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