Building blocks of student life

Building blocks of student life
School transportation provides a safe, convenient way for your children to school on time.

As we make our way into back-to-school mode, here's a look at Dubai's education landscape


Farhana Chowdhury

Published: Sat 31 Aug 2019, 3:23 PM

Last updated: Sun 1 Sep 2019, 5:35 PM

Two months of summer have sped by on winged feet, and parents and students in the UAE are already busy running out and about to prepare for a new semester. Back to school season is here as retail outlets and shopping avenues are buzzing with discounts and offers on items and accessories, aimed to make your child's academic year more fun and exciting.
While some students look forward to resume their next semester, others will be making their debut in a new classroom with new faces. 
New age of learning
In the UAE, the education system has undergone an incredible transformation in the last decade. Blackboards transitioned to projectors, homework and assignments take on the form of online submissions, and notes are now digitalised, allowing students access to information at anytime and anywhere.
Schools and universities have also adopted a tech-savvy attitude where laptops, tablets and other electronic devices are now the norm in most classrooms. Teachers and professors have also upgraded their knowledge to keep up with an evolving academic system, that not only eases their workload but also enhances the student-teaching experience.
Faculty now make use of specialised websites and software to receive paperwork and assign tasks to students. These mediums are also used to create additional content that is aimed to aid students in their coursework.
Vocational courses and e-learning have become recognised across the world for its remote educational system, ease of use and convenience for the busy lifestyles of working professionals. Originally created to help spread education to those in inaccessible remote parts of the world at an affordable cost, the e-learning concept has seeped into metropolitan society and become one of the most appreciated forms of education in this era.
With the UAE on route towards an inclusive society, electronic aids for children are further becoming embedded into the education eco-system. As younger generation are more adept at picking up gadgets than a textbook, these visually stimulating devices help differently-abled students learn at their own pace in a comfortable environment.
Going beyond supplies
The Back-to-school portfolio now goes beyond just simple essentials. It extends to children's furniture that contribute towards student wellness and academic performance. From modular desks and ergonomic chairs to memory foam mattresses and storage options, it is important to create a stimulating environment for young learners. Sports equipment, too, joins the list, alongside nutrition-centric lunch concepts to promote a healthy body and mind.
As children spend a good portion of their mornings and afternoons in school, they need to be equipped with a balanced lunchbox. A healthy dose of carbs, protein and vegetables, complimented with a natural sugarless drink such as fresh juice or milk will ensure they are getting their daily nutrition. A younger audience are attracted to colourful meals, which is why making an effort in creating cute shapes and characters with food is worth it.
This keeps them satisfied and full, reducing the chances of craving junk food and fizzy drinks - which are major factors of obesity, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and other health complications. Water, too, is essential to keep the body hydrated, especially during summertime. This prevents migraines, light-headedness and other related ailments.
Mental well-being is just as important as physical development, hence young ones are encouraged to indulge in interactive games, reading, quiz contests, puzzles and other activities.
Safety first
Commuting between home and school is convenient in Dubai, thanks to the well-connected routes laid down by the Roads and Transport Authority. With expanded bus routes and newer metro lines planned ahead, students will be able to save more time with added convenience.
Personal transportation, i.e., where families drop off their children in their own vehicles continues to be a popular mode of transport, while school buses are the top contender in this realm. School buses further ensure that students reach in time for their classes.
Recently, school transportation has seen a transformation, now boasting security cameras, certified attendants, fitted signs and even GPS tracking for road guidance. The new initiatives focus on safety and well-being - not just for students, but also for motorists. 
Convenient financial assistance
To further help finance educational needs, banks in the UAE offer special loans at attractive rates that open up opportunities for learners to stay on track and pave their way towards desirable careers. These banks also have flexible options that ensure repayment at the learners' convenience.
With relevant authorities in place to determine the best education institutions in town, parents are on constant lookout for better options tailored to their child's needs. A number of UAE-based websites, such as, contain a compilation of all schools present in the country along with the latest news and guides to help filter out the best curriculum in town.
 The city also hosts special forums, such as UniExpo Dubai, to help students discover global universities and higher education in person, interact with professionals and alumni, and explore a multitude of courses to establish a desired career path. Students can learn more about campuses, lifestyle, extra-curricular activities, scholarships, and job opportunities through these platforms.
With all this, parents can rest assured knowing that the UAE is dedicated to strengthening its educational offering and students are entitled to the best of international schooling in the Middle East.
Happy back-to-school season!

Back-to-school essentials now include tablets and laptops, in an effort to get children used to current technology.
Back-to-school essentials now include tablets and laptops, in an effort to get children used to current technology.

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