Dr. Brian Etemad, Esq.

It is the qualities enshrined in the UAE's leaders of thinking and planning and going for the novel and the innovative that I have adopted for myself, says Dr. Brian Etemad, Esq., a US-licensed attorney and founder of the multi-billion dirham entity, Tamleek Real Estate

Published: Wed 29 May 2019, 9:09 AM

Last updated: Wed 29 May 2019, 11:18 AM

Bobby Kennedy once said that some people see things as they are and ask why. Others see things as they are not and ask why not? Brian Etemad belongs squarely in the second category and has taken on challenges in the realm of property management and established impeccable credentials.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to change the dynamics and the paradigm of endeavour but inspired by the resolute and determined approach of the UAE leadership and its singular focus on getting things done and getting them done well when other people say they cannot be done. Brian Etemad has also moved the goalposts dramatically in his workplace and set the standard for real estate across the board activities at a much higher level in global terms.    

"It is the qualities enshrined in the UAE's leaders of thinking and planning and going for the novel and the innovative that I have adopted for myself," says Brian Etemad, Esq., a US-licensed attorney and founder of the multi-billion-dirham entity, Tamleek Real Estate.

Despite his resounding success, Brian is humble enough to give due credit. This is how His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has led by example, he adds, underscoring the gigantic leaps that Dubai has taken in becoming the world's most advanced metropolis from a little hamlet not half a century ago.

It is a journey of commitment, of transparency, of grand ideology coupled with affection, care and concern for the welfare of the people, and this attitude has carried the nation decisively forward. Taking the cue from the attention to detail, to the in-depth incisiveness of regulations and the clarity of purpose in each framework vis-a-vis schemes and operations which have been the cornerstone of Dubai's incredible success, Brian Etemad believes implicitly that these values are integral to making a business flourish.

He emphasises the example of the real estate sector, which is governed by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). These entities have aspired to and reached a level of seamless efficiency and service and have made doing business a distinct pleasure, according to him. By being there 24/7 as support systems, they have given investors tangible confidence and an opportunity to fast track the obtaining of permits and licences. Dubai has definitely made things a lot easier for individuals looking to invest in its future, Etemad adds, and it is these facilities that have helped him get so far in his enterprise.

With the added advantage of its strategic location to both east and west and its transmodal variety and modern state-of-the-art transportation and communications options, it is the ideal place to set up shop.

Home to 142 plus nationalities, its accent on peace, harmony and togetherness have translated into actually creating functional categories for public happiness and tolerance. The Government continues to integrate and improve commercial transparency, whereby it introduces dynamic regulations that help creative minds turn ideas and dreams into reality. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) also receive the support of several financial institutions that nurture growth.

Furthermore, with new visa regulations, Etemad submits that with the added opportunity to be a permanent or long-term resident, this heightened sense of belonging will further impact positively on business. Dubai's real estate market recorded a high-transaction volume during the last 10 days of 2018 with a value of over Dh19 billion through 2,081 transactions, which indicates a rising wave in the real estate sector in 2019.

Inculcating the same work ethos into Tamleek and marketing it as a diversified conglomerate the indefatigable Brian Etemad plans to diversify the current portfolio further and focus on investment, development, retail and e-commerce; the latter will sell their very own projects. Tamleek Real Estate will also feature a spectrum of in-house services, which includes a law firm.

For Brian, there is no mountain too high, no river too deep, no road too long for the enduring values of the UAE are echoed by him at each step of the way.

Dr. Brian Etemad, Esq., is popular on social media with an Instagram account @brianetemad. He believes that it is a very good marketing tool with a high return on investment.

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