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Brands need to reinvent and gear up for the new wave

Brands need to reinvent and gear up for the new wave
STRATEGIC TOOLS: Maximise digital media investments.

Social media is ready to redefine the values of digital marketing

Published: Tue 7 Jan 2020, 9:15 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Jan 2020, 11:20 AM

The global digital market is set to undergo several transitions this year, reeling in new professional challenges, according to Tiago "Tito" Ribeiro, renowned figure in the field of social networking, with over 15 years of international experience in the digital sector. 
New cultural business model
Brands must urgently reinvent themselves by creating a new value culture for this new consumer or they will no longer be attractive and desirable. The agenda today goes beyond digital transformation, more in the construction of new cultural positions, because the consumer is constantly changing.
Today, more than ever, it is necessary to rethink a sustainable and scalable business model, or within a few years there will be a collapse where agencies will disappear and few of the giant content and media companies will survive.
Effective in-house agency
As brands increasingly seek transparency in their advertising expenses, more control on creativity, and increased production agility, many companies are beginning to acquire resources internally, creating new ways to work with partners and experts. 
The in-house concept often makes it possible to take control of costs, increase transparency and agility, but the practicalities and challenges of implementing In-house are not so simple. Some market professionals believe that this trend will be transient - after all, it is not just hiring professionals, it is necessary to create innovative methodologies to make the process of internalisation of services really effective. 
Data segmentation and use of AI 
Marketing teams should always reevaluate their strategy and refine it when necessary to engage and manage the community around the brand. 
Today, leading digital media platforms and tools implement AI in their algorithms in time. Such a change was responsible for classifying social posts, deciding what content to display for what type of users, searching for data, and more.
By 2020 and in the near future, AI will do better in data segmentation and ensure that algorithms deliver the best content possible. The big opportunity today is to use some tools that can work with AI to find better segmentation, and thus, maximise investments in digital media. 
AR is closer than ever
Augmented Reality encourages viral marketing on social networks, with the possibility of creating filters, many brands are already using this feature to interact with the user and gain amplification of their content.
In 2020, the major trend is the creation of projects that enable interaction in events, with the possibility of expanding a message in the digital environment. Another bet is the creation of experimentation platforms. This technology helps consumers to make decisions that, although unable to touch products, they can measure dimensions, refine colours and see how they interact in the real world.
Focused engagement
A company's image reputation in the digital universe is increasingly valuable, not only on proprietary channels, but throughout the digital ecosystem. Feedback from other users is increasingly a deciding factor when buying a product. 
By 2020, engagement will become more important than in the past, brands should worry about thinking about content that has a lot of comments. This will make your content better qualified by the algorithms and presented to a larger number of people. Once these comments are positive they end up strengthening sales.
Segmented strategy
Considering that more and more new communities will emerge, companies need to structure themselves to create relevant and different content for each micro moment. Another major trend is the consolidation of two universes - podcasts and influencers. In 2019, we saw a huge increase in podcast consumption worldwide.
According to statistics, 22 per cent of Americans listen to podcasts every week. And the rise of influencers is not new to anyone. By 2019, 80 per cent of social media marketers find influencer marketing effective. We can safely predict that by 2020 and beyond, more and more social media influencers will grow and play an important role in building brand awareness. 
Stronger micro moments
Online e-commerce is an obvious solution, and everyone can already measure the return on their sales. The world of digital marketing has long since moved out of brand building, and achieved something vital for a brand. 
Today, platforms like Houseparty, Steemit, Caffeine and Lasso are gaining popularity and should already be used as platforms for brands in some markets. 
Now the challenge in 2020 is how to manage and build micro moments according to audiences and resources that are increasingly different from platform to platform.

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