Better, faster and more efficient

Better, faster and more efficient
With the introduction of 5G, UAE residents can now expect faster internet speeds at home and in public.

With the recent launch of 5G in the UAE, residents can also expect a faster and more efficient experience though AI in their networks

UAE-based telecommunication companies du and etisalat has recently launched a new network technology that will forever change the internet speed at homes and workplaces. The use of 5G networks will allow its users to enjoy wireless connection at staggering speeds and according to du, the company currently has massive plans in further expanding its use across the region.
With a promising future of speed and efficiency, this fifth-generation network is expected to enhance connectivity and browsing experience through a massive network capacity and a quicker response time that will surely speed up downloading and video streaming. Furthermore, businesses and other private establishments will also benefit from a 5G network and encourage a more efficient and smooth flow in internet use.
As future plans for expanding the use of 5G networks continue to progress in the emirates, du and etisalat now offers 5G-enabled devices for anyone who wishes to enjoy the next evolution in mobile network.
With the recent development in 5G networks in the region, it is safe to assume that several challenges occur when it comes to implementing such massive changes. However, telecommunication companies are addressing such obstacles through various ways including merging artificial intelligence (AI) techniques into networks.
Through this method, AI will allow networks to present higher performance results, improve and enhance customer experience, and reduce costs. In other parts of the globe, some countries that adapted AI into their mobile networks have produced great results in terms of delivering a more personalised experience with improved network quality - The need for higher performing networks resulted in an increase in people's demand for AI in their networks.
With this being said, more than half of telecommunication companies are expected to incorporate AI into their networks in some way by 2020.
However, with such a promising future 5G networks have with AI, this kind of development can also bring about data challenges - Considering that the use of AI can amass to so much data, service providers will have to invest in a more advance system that is capable of handle such problems.
Nevertheless, whatever challenges 5G networks oppose, it is a given that careful plans and trials are being done to ensure that users can have the most out of their experience.

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