Beach warning issued in UAE amid 'jellyfish infestation'

Beach warning issued in UAE amid jellyfish infestation

Ras Al Khaimah - The creatures were blocking fishing nets.

The beaches of Ras Al Khaimah have been swept with jellyfish - resulting in the obstruction of fishing activities in the emirate.

Fishermen said that the jellyfish blocked their fishing nets.

"We couldn't helping removing the jellyfish one by one."

Jellyfish are mostly seen in large numbers as of February till the end of April, they added.

"This is actually their mating season as the climate gets hotter."

Abdullah Hassan, a fisherman in RAK, said jellyfish always flock to the warm beaches.
"[That's why] they are seen in large numbers at the same time every year from Shaam to Al Jazira beach in Al Hamra."

Ali Saeed, an Emirati fisherman, said the light from the jellyfish scared the fish away, "this results in a loss for all fishermen."

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