Bank deducts Dh40 every month from salary transfer accounts!

LEON, working with the Madeena Jumeirah Hotel and Resorts called up the Khaleej Times Hotline with a complaint against the Habib Bank. He said, “We have an account with the bank.”


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Published: Wed 6 Sep 2006, 9:43 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 8:19 PM

“Every month our salaries are transferred in this bank. But then for some unknown reason, the bank deducts Dh40 from the account.”

“We have tried to know the reason behind this several times but failed.”

“If we try to inquire, the bank officials behave very rudely with us and don’t want to listen to anything. It is the same case with many of my colleagues too.”


IQBAL Umar, the Operations Manager of the bank, said: “Right now I have got no idea about this.”

“I would request them to call me up the day after tomorrow. I would patiently listen to their problems and find a solution. I would also have to check as to what the problem is all about,” he said.

Cyclists must follow traffic regulations

BRIAN Gardner wrote from Abu Dhabi complaining of cyclists. He said often when he drives in Abu Dhabi (particularly at night) he has to be especially careful of cyclists.

“Apparently a cyclist can travel in whichever direction he wishes, either with the traffic or against it.”

“He has no reflector, so on approaching him I cannot often see him until the last minute and he has no ‘light’ on his machine.”

“Often he is ‘transporting’ a passenger (sometimes two passengers !!!) which affects his ability to keep in a straight line.”

“Apparently, and here I may be wrong, if I hit this person it is my fault and I would face the consequences.”

Brian suggests that a law be imposed stating that a cyclist has to drive in the same direction as the regular traffic and has to have a reflector on the rear of his bicycle and a light on the front.

“Perhaps I am missing something, but to me this would make sense and avoid a lot of accidents both for the cyclist and the car driver.”


COLONEL Ghaith Al Zaabi, Director of Traffic and Patrols Department at Abu Dhabi Police, said bicycles which go against the traffic violate the Federal Traffic Law. As per this law, offenders are penalised.

A fine is imposed with the first violation and if the offence is repeated the bike will be confiscated.

The same applies to bikes having no light, reflectors etc..

Col Zaabi said traffic patrols were deployed round-the-clock to monitor traffic and crackdown on violators including cyclists.

Delivery boys can’t find their way around Dubai

JATIN, working as a delivery boy in a supermarket chain called up Khaleej Times Hotline complaining that the delivery boys find it difficult to trace the customer’s place as some areas in Dubai do not have street addresses.

“Even though the customers describe the locations to us, sometimes we find it difficult to locate the spot as there are no street or house numbers. If there are proper addresses for each building it would be easy for everybody to find the locations,” he said.


BADER Al Sari, Director of Traffic at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said: “We have already launched a new addressing system and talks are on with all other government departments concerned to activate the system and make it more efficient.” “Presently, about 70 per cent of Dubai’s Streets and buildings are named and numbered and we are still working on covering the remaining areas.”

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