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Awqaf to seek voluntary cut on Dubai govt staff salaries by year end

Awqaf to seek voluntary cut on Dubai govt staff salaries by year end

Assets of the Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation grow to Dh2.5 billion from Dh200 million in ten years, says official.

By Ahmed Shaaban/senior Reporter

Published: Sun 14 Jun 2015, 8:06 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 3:09 PM

 Tayeb Al Rais speaking at a meeting of AMAF officials. Supplied photo

Dubai – The Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) will launch a promising initiative whereby all government staff shall voluntarily have part of their monthly salary donated for endowment.

The drive had been running on a trial basis in four government departments since 2012, including the Dubai Municipality, Dewa, Dubai Public Prosecution and AMAF itself.

 Tayeb Al Rais, AMAF Secretary-General on Sunday told Khaleej Times that the project will be extended to all government departments by the end of this year. “We have already collected Dh470,000 so far from the four participating entities.”

The amounts collected have been invested in endowment projects under the name of the endowers as per their shares, he added. “Staffers can optionally donate Dh50, Dh500, or more; it is up to them to give little, more or even nothing.”

 However, a certificate of endowment shall be given to whoever chips in, he underlined. “Part of the money collected has been invested in the Family Village, targeting orphans.”

 He said about 90 per cent or exactly Dh32.6m million of the Dh38 million-endowment goes to mosques. “It is fine to donate for building, maintaining or developing a mosque, but what about other critical sectors in a dire need of assistance, such as health and education, and social services which gets only Dh5.4m.”

 Al Rais said, the foundation, celebrating its first decade, has registered an exceptional performance in 2014 with a significant increase in its managed assets and donations.

 “The total assets that AMAF manages today amount to Dh2.5 billion, compared to only Dh200m when the foundation was established ten years ago. Also, while we managed 1,025 Waqf units in 2006, today we are handling 1,837 such units with revenues from the units reaching Dh88 million. These revenues are the backbone of our Waqf expenditures and reflect our success in promoting the vital role of Waqf in the society.”

 Elaborating, he said AMAF managed to raise Dh26 million in donations in 2014 compared to only Dh9 million in 2013. “The donations came from six different sources.”

 Direct donations in 2014 were valued at Dh23.7 million, while AMAF’s donation boxes raised a further Dh9,47,000. In addition, SMS donations contributed Dh2,89,000, and donation vouchers brought in Dh4,05,000. Government entities added further value by donating Dh2,50,000 to AMAF, with the total tally shored up with an allocation of Dh3,24,000 by Noor Bank.” -ahmedshaaban@khaleejtimes.com

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