Aspire high and achieve it, scholar tells Muslims

DUBAI — Lower aspiration is Muslim’s self defeat and nothing can be more harmful than bringing down the ceiling of aspirations and achievements.

This was affirmed in a lecture given by prominent scholar Sheikh Saeed Rageah on Thursday night as part of the ninth Ramadan Forum at AlTwar-2 area, opposite Dubai Airport Terminal-2. Before he started his speech, Sheikh Saeed Rageah helped two new Muslims declare their conversion. In his lecture, ‘Highest Aspirations’, Sheikh Rageah said once people started replacing the most with the least, they end up in the weakest and helpless position. “Conversely, we Muslims should raise the ceiling of our aspiration to the maximum as Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) did.”

The Imam of Abu Huraira Masjid in Toronto, Canada said, there is no constrains to one’s aspirations other than those he set for himself. “If you can’t move forward, blame no one, but yourself. By doing this you will feel an internal need for change.” Noting that this is not what Islam expected from us, Sheikh Rageah said “if we look at the lifestyle of Muslims today, the majority would say I am happy with what I am and contented with what I gain on a day to day basis. Islam expects us to be successful and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) always looked for the best, the highest, the most superior, and in short everything that can make him come closer to Allah,” he said.

“Muslims invented zero and had child allowances centuries before others. It further took the West twenty centuries to understand animals’ rights whereas early Muslims set up government department to look after blind cats and old animals that are usually put to rest by a bullet,” said Sheikh Rageah.

As part of the foreign lectures program, prominent Filipino orator Omar Penalbar delivered a lecture — the last in a seven lecture series targeting non-Arab Muslims and non-Muslim communities on Friday night billed: ‘The Message of Islam’.

The Ninth Ramadan Forum will conclude tonight with an Arabic lecture titled ‘Sulaiman Hoopoe’ by popular Saudi scholar Dr Sheikh Mohammed Al Uraifi. The 12 young students, who participated in the ‘Preacher of the Nation’ programme, will also be honoured.

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