Apple dominates at T3 Gadget
Awards with iPad, iPhone4

The Apple iPad 3G was named Gadget of the Year by UK tech magazine T3.

By José R. De Souza

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Published: Sat 16 Oct 2010, 9:28 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 3:52 AM

Described as “the best thing that’s happened this year in the tech world, hands down,” the iPad was awarded the top prize for its sophistication, simplicity and its ability to appeal to a cross section of consumers. According to T3, the jury of experts was divided on the Apple’s bestselling new product, but it was the audience who voted in favour, allowing it to clinch the prize. The iPad also won the Innovation of the Year prize.

Apple’s contentious iPhone 4 won the Commuter Gadget of the Year prize, while the Apple Macbook Pro won Computer of the Year. The company capped the event with its fourth award for Retailer of the Year. Judging by the audience’s overwhelming support of the brand, it’s clearly doing quite well despite a string of PR faux pas earlier in the year.

The other winners at the Awards included Samsung, HTC, Panasonic and Sanyo. Samsung took home the T3 Design Award for the slick C9000 television, which features a touch screen remote and the Home Gadget of the Year prize for its futuristic Navibot intelligent robot vacuum cleaner.

Taiwan’s HTC had its moment in the limelight winning Tech Brand of the Year, beating finalists Samsung, Apple, Google and Sky. The HTC Desire was awarded Phone of the Year with T3 describing it as “simply the best Android phone produced to date.”

acer brings 3d to pcs

Acer has thrown its hat into the fading 3D ring with the new Aspire 5745DG netbook. The new netbook, which will retail at about AED 5,200, features Acers’ Arcade Deluxe software which can apparently convert any video into 3D at the click of a mouse.

With a 15.6 inch screen, in-built Blu-ray disc drive, high-end Nvidia GeForce and glossy good looks, Acer may have a winner even without the 3D feature thrown in.

It’s surprising that 3D technology is still being featured on electronic devices ranging from televisions and cameras to PCs and mobile phones. It’s clear that it was only a fad and the real next big trend really is the ability to allow electronics devices, such as mobile phones, televisions and gaming systems to connect to each other.

microsoft smartphone os

Microsoft’s attempts to make a dent in the lucrative smartphone market say a lot about the company’s sheer determination and willingness to learn from past mistakes.

The launch of Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s latest try to provide a credible alternative to smartphone operating systems developed by Research In Motion, Google, Apple and Nokia. The company says it has rebuilt the operating system making it more user-friendly.

Its previous attempts at developing a popular smartphone operating system usually failed to make an impact and were criticized for their poor user interface, lack of applications and an unappealing lack of functionality.

Significantly, Microsoft is integrating Windows Phone 7 with its Xbox live video game and Zune music services, which it hopes will make the new operating system more appealing to consumers.

According to news reports, the software will be available on Samsung, LG and HTC phones later this year.

gadget of the week

If George Lucas ever created Dust Wars I: The Revenge of the Robo-Vacs the Samsung Navibot would be the dust busting equivalent of Luke Skywalker.

This space-age robot vacuum cleaner is loaded with technology that would more than just appeal to your average geek. Its features an inbuilt camera that takes a picture of the room, maps it and selects the optimum cleaning path and gets on with it. It comes with in-built anti-collision sensors that make sure it steers clear of the walls and furniture and automatically returns to its charger when its battery runs low.

And that’s not all! You can even program this toilet-seat-size robot to clean up at a certain time of the day.

And just when you think it’s too good to be true it turns out it is. Judging by the online reviews, this isnothing but an overpriced gadget that does an average job of cleaning and misses the corners, which makes you feel like you’ve been taken to the cleaners.

Priced at about AED2,300, the folks at CNET were clearly not thrilled when they wrote: “The Samsung NaviBot is a highly appealing gadget with the noblest of ambitions. But it doesn’t clean sufficiently well for us to recommend it at this price. If you’re feeling flush, love robots and absolutely detest vacuum cleaning, it could fit the bill. For everyone else, we’d advise keeping your money, gritting your teeth and getting on with the housework as usual, or putting the money towards a cleaner.”

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t mind getting one if it wasn’t as expensive.


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