Anisuma: Art of communicating

Anisuma: Art of communicating
Mahesh Chotrani and Manohar Punjabi, founder directors, Anisuma Training Institute

Offering custom-designed programmes for business leaders, Anisuma Training Institute founder directors - Mahesh Chotrani and Manohar Punjabi - share their thoughts on the need for creative thinking and community outreach ideas

Published: Mon 10 Feb 2020, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Tue 11 Feb 2020, 3:58 PM

A current challenge in the regional marketing and communications landscape is to ensure that the audience has successfully received the intended message and a feedback to be created as a reaction to the communicated message. The other is to find a proper mix of communication channels to deliver a message, according to founder directors Mahesh Chotrani and Manohar Punjabi, Anisuma Training Institute.
Established in 2017, Anisuma Training Institute specialises in management development programmes, provided by the leading management institutes from the world.
"For this, we need to understand the four C's communication - conviction (energy and passion), clarity (clear sense of direction and action), connection (creating reality and vision), and conscience (a personal sense of purpose)," said Chotrani.
Punjabi added that global and strategic communication design thinking management in an experience economy; the importance of research in marketing; and understanding industry specific communication approaches, are just as essential.
To address these concerns, Anisuma Training Institute's programmes are uniquely designed to inculcate strong conceptual frameworks, and groom business leaders with a focus on creative thinking, consumer-centricity, communication and community outreach.
"The programme's curriculum ensures a highly committed, creatively and innovatively anchored, professionally-oriented manager, who is skilled in the practice of strategic marketing and communication for the industry and the society," said Chotrani.
This helps individuals have an improved understanding of management, marketing, digital and communication challenges and opportunities in a globalised world; and create action plans to drive practical changes, besides developing sensitivity to cross-functional issues in the field of marketing, and learning leadership and strategic communications.
To date, the alumni strength of Anisuma Training Institute is over 250 executives, as it successfully completed its fourth batch of general management programme for working executives from IIM Indore within a period of two years. Besides its flagship programme, Anisuma Training Institute will be launching its human resource and leadership programme from Indian Institute of Management - Indore (IIM Indore) in October 2020, as well as an advanced management programme from a leading management business school by the end of the year.

Spoilt for choice

. General management programme: A 23-day programme from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) - Indore spread over a period of eight months. It is conducted in Dubai for 18 days, followed by a five-day campus module at the IIM Indore campus in India. The programme is designed for mid-level managers, functional heads and entrepreneurs who would like develop management concepts and techniques and analytics skillsets.
. Strategic financial management: The 13-day programme from IIM - Indore, is based in Dubai and designed for mid to senior level executives from all areas of management, who would like to gain an insight into the exciting world of the financial management and help them to take decisions by applying financial concepts to various non-finance functions.
. Digital and strategic marketing programme: A 21-day programme from Mudra Institute of Communications (Mica) spread over a period of eight months. The programme is conducted in Dubai for 16 days and five-day campus module is held at the Mica campus in India.

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