An articulate visionary developer

An articulate visionary developer
Dr. Brian Etemad, Esq., Founder & CEO, Tamleek Real Estate Company

Dr. Brian Etemad, Esq., the maverick of real estate, has his sights on establishing a reputable development company in the Middle East and beyond

Licensed U.S. Attorney from New York, Dr. Brian Etemad, Esq., is a man of sound academics and rich experience across continents. A high energy, fiscally conscious and goal-driven real estate guru, he approaches each new business challenge with his intrinsic flair for innovation, creative problem-solving and measured risk-taking to drive consistent success within the real estate industry.
Dr. Etemad began his career on a path that is rare among other real estate professionals. Having become a licensed U.S. attorney in New York, some of the prominent state politicians in New York and California have benefitted from his legal acumen, using him as their strategic consultant in addition to spending considerable amount of time in Singapore tendering his legal counsel to various diplomats. He then went on to serve as the legal counsel to the renowned development giant, Emaar Properties in the UAE and was involved in finalising the collaboration between Emaar Properties and the fashion icon, Giorgio Armani. As Emaar's legal counsel, Dr. Etemad was responsible for leading Emaar's real estate development initiatives across the company's key markets locally and internationally.
While making a name for himself in the UAE, he then went on to serve as the Managing Director for Hamptons International Real Estate in the UAE and North Africa (MENA region). At Hamptons International, Dr. Etemad spearheaded the international expansion of the company with a special focus on strengthening the brand presence in the UAE and the MENA region. His extensive background in real estate investment advisory, brokerage services, overseeing real estate projects across the Middle East, long-term experience working with some of the most influential families in the region and overseeing their property portfolios, made him the obvious choice for the CEO position at Christie's International Real Estate, UAE.
After being selected as the top Real Estate Investment Advisory and brokerage firm in the UAE, and because of the rapid success and expansion plans of the company across the MENA region and eventually throughout the globe, Dr. Etemad decided to open his own Real Estate Investment Advisory and brokerage company, as well as a development company specialising in constructing high-rise residential buildings and mixed-use developments, named Tamleek Real Estate Co.
The newly established Tamleek Real Estate Co. has become a giant powerhouse entity in Dubai over a very short span and a leader in Investment Advisory and Brokerage in the MENA region as evinced by being Emaar Properties No.1 selling entity six months in a row.
Moreover, because of the reputation of both Dr. Etemad and Tamleek Real Estate Co. throughout the region, the iconic firm of Kempinski Group has exclusively chosen Dr. Etemad and Tamleek Real Estate Co. to market and exclusively sell their prestigious Kempinski Residences in the Business Bay project.  Dr. Etemad has exclusively signed deals with entities  located in Saudi Arabia, London, Paris, Istanbul and India.
Over the years, Dr. Etemad has amassed extensive industry experience in identifying growth opportunities in new markets, setting the base for current developments and undertaking negotiations for strategic partnerships in new markets; his across-the-board experience has facilitated the formation of several international associations, which led Emaar's pioneering developments in international markets. Dr. Etemad was earlier the Director of Real Estate Development at DTZ, Singapore and honed his legal skills working at the Attorney General's Office in New York and for Senator Tom McClinton of California.
Tamleek Real Estate Co. has become a giant powerhouse entity in Dubai over a very short span. Under Dr. Etemad's leadership, Tamleek Real Estate Co. was ranked twice in consecutive years as the No.1 Investment Advisory and Brokerage Company throughout the Arab world by Forbes.

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