Al Dahab is Islamic Personality of the Year

Former Sudanese president Field Marshal Abdul Rahman Swar Al Dahab won the Islamic Personality prize for his service to Islam, the Holy Quran and humanity.

Deputy Chairman of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award organising committee Dr Saeed Harib made the announcement late on Sunday night at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

“Al Dahab — born in Al Obeid town in 1930 — has been named for the Dh1 million prize in appreciation of his noble activities for the Arab and Islamic worlds.”

Several scholars, scientists, presidents and institutions have won the Islamic Personality Prize over the past 13 sessions. The first winner was Late Sheikh Mohammed Metwally Al Shaarawy of Egypt in 1997 while former German ambassador to Algeria Dr Murad Hofmann was the last winner in 2009.

Al Dahab graduated from the military college in 1955 and joined the armed forces. He served as Minister of Defence, Military Commander and became the president from April 6, 1985 to May 6, 1986.

Retiring from politics and dedicating himself for charity and humanitarian works, he became chairman of the Islamic Call Organisation in Sudan in 1987.

“Since then he initiated the construction of more than 205 Schools, 2,000 Masjids, 1,000 wells, 10 irrigations projects, 14 hospitals, 800 clinics, 120 centres for child and mother care, and 6 orphanages in the whole world, particularly in Africa and Europe, and Islamic countries,” Harib said.

Swar Al Dahab — whose name means golden bracelet, also holds membership of 11 Islamic and international organisations and has presented several research papers on Islam at conferences.

Selected from several short-listed candidates, Al Dahab will fly to Dubai in a special airplane, and is expected to receive the prize at the concluding ceremony on Ramadan 20 corresponding to August 30, 9:30pm at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

Ahmed Al Zahid, Head of Media Unit, said the award has a list of Muslim Arab and Non-Arab personalities. “The activities and services of the dignitaries listed are discussed, and hence a candidate is picked up either by agreement or voting.”

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