Al Ain Zoo welcomes reptile newborns

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Al Ain Zoo welcomes reptile newborns

Afro-Asian Sand Snake, Royal Python, Spiny-Tailed Agama lizards, Indian Star Tortoises born in Al Ain Zoo.

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Published: Tue 27 Jan 2015, 12:16 AM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jun 2015, 10:32 PM

Newborn reptiles in Al Ain Zoo. -Wam

Al Ain — Al Ain Zoo has kicked off the New Year by welcoming new additions to the reptile family, including the Afro-Asian Sand Snake, Royal Python, Dhab (Spiny-tailed Agama), and Indian Star Tortoise.

The Afro-Asian Sand Snake family welcomed three newborns following a 90-day incubation period. Active during the day, the snake is widespread throughout the Arabian Peninsula and Western Asia. Upon hatching, they measure around 35cm and can grow up to 1.2 metres. Their venom is lethal to their prey but harmless to humans and domestic pets.

Two newborn Spiny-Tailed Agama lizards, locally known as the Dhab, recently joined the Reptile exhibit at Al Ain Zoo. Not much is known about the hatching process as the eggs are laid in deep natural holes within the large enclosure that the animal keepers can’t access.

They are currently found in the UAE and Oman, living in large colonies, inhabiting gravel plains. They feed on flowers, leaves and seeds of desert plants and are extremely heat tolerant.

Following a 110 day gestation period, several Indian Star Tortoises were born at Al Ain Zoo. Typically two or three eggs are laid during the summer period in a deep hole that is dug by the mother. 

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