Accredited Schools Must Plan for Improvement

DUBAI — Schools that have received accreditation by the Ministry of Education will be part of a continuous development programme and have to chart out an action plan based on recommendations in the evaluation report.

Sixty-five public and two private schools in the Northern Emirates have received accreditation and public school teachers said the programme has added quality to their performance and shows that their students are at par with their international counterparts.

“Winning this award will help us to develop our teaching methods towards our students, and work harder to acquire a highly effective level next time,” said Wafaa Abdullah, principal of Sharjah Model School (Girls) that came in the ‘Highly Effective’ category.

Badriya Al Shehhi, teacher of the Al Ofuq School in Ras Al Khaimah which came in the ‘Effective’ category, said evaluators spent two days analysing their teaching methodologies and student practices.

“We also learnt how to conduct self-evaluation and develop plans for improvement,” she said.

Teachers of Jalfar School in Ras Al Khaimah were delighted at receiving accreditation but complained about the short duration of the evaluation process. “Two days are not enough to find out how the school performs,” said Mariam A, principal.

The school that was found ‘Effective’ in most criteria said the school should have got ‘Highly Effective’.

Mohammed Ali, principal of Al Hazm Primary School, said it got ‘Effective’ evaluation report and their school will now be evaluated after three years.

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