Abu Dhabi to supply fresh water to rural farms starting July 4

Starting Wednesday July 4, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City will supply fresh water to 1334 registered rural farms at Dhaharat Al Teeb & Al Wafiya for 5 hours daily through a new water supply line that has recently been completed by the Municipality in a bid to curb water wastage in the context of its Vision of ensuring a superior living and sustainable environment for the residents of Abu Dhabi city.

By (WAM)

Published: Wed 27 Jun 2012, 6:58 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 1:21 PM

Accordingly, the Municipality announces it will cease supplying rural farms with water through mobile tankers as of Tuesday July 3, except for Razeen area; which will continue to receive water tankers pending the completion of the new fresh water supply line.

The Municipality stresses that rural farms will be supplied with amounts of water sufficient for the number of animals in each farm free of charge and in a continuous manner, using cutting-edge techniques with a view to slashing transportation costs currently incurred through tankers, besides minimizing the waste of fresh water.

The new water supply network has been designed in the light of hydrological design computations subjected to chemical sterilization treatments aligned with the stipulations in place at Abu Dhabi Emirate. When completed, the new network will be operated through irrigation water stations at no cost to owners of rural farms for the time being.

As part of its endeavours to provide excellent services to all vital sectors contributing to the development & growth of communal activities, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has provided essential services, such as water as well as modern wooden (caravan) houses for workers, to the owners of registered rural farms that replaced the outmoded arbitrary rural farms at Dhaharat Al Teeb, Al Wafiya and Razeen; which lacked the least health conditions.

The Municipality applies more strict measures to curb the setting of arbitrary rural farms out of its commitment to conserve the environment and public health within the surroundings of farms, and imposes a set of conditions & standards on renters of lands owned by Emiratis, and designated for animal breeding operations as regards maintaining the safety, public health and natural life.

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