Abu Dhabi Municipality demolishes unlicensed villas

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, in coordination with the Directorate General of Abu Dhabi Police and other concerned bodies, has launched a campaign to demolish and remove unlicensed structures and residential appurtenances in five villas situated behind the Gulf Medical Center, Al Bateen in implementation of injunctions issued by judges in connection with villas in breach of the Building Code applicable in Abu Dhabi.

By (WAM)

Published: Sun 12 Dec 2010, 12:33 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 11:19 AM

According to Uwaidah Ahmed Al Qubaisi, Acting Executive Director of Municipal Services Sector, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, the decision to remove irregularities in those villas was prompted by the distortive appearance of these villas to the neighbourhood and streets in a way contrary to the typical urban, aesthetic and tourist appearance currently seen by Abu Dhabi city.

Moreover, these villas had become a burden and a source of inconvenience to residents due to the accumulated dust & rubbish, growth of random weeds and the proliferation of insects & rodents undermining the health and comfort of residents.

“The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has exhausted all grace periods and warnings and clarified to the occupants the risks of continuing with the unauthorized housing to their lives, security and public health. Accordingly, all buildings in breach of the law have been referred to the Municipality’s Court; which in turn has issued injunctions ordering the removal of these unlicensed residential structures which do not conform to the specifications and standards of construction in Abu Dhabi”, he continued.

Al Qubaisi stated that the Municipal Services Sector had recently run an intensive inspection campaign targeting buildings and villas in violation of the building conditions in Abu Dhabi to ensure the compliance with the removal of irregularities in respect of which the Municipality had already issued warnings to owners, investors and residents of these buildings.

“The Municipality is also determined to remove all unlicensed structures and supplements made to villas, especially those exploited by investors through illegal methods contrary to the procedures and health standards enforced by the Municipal Buildings Division at the Municipality”, he added.

For his part, Mubarak Salem Al Atshaan Al Mansouri, Director of Al Bateen Municipal Center, stated that that the Municipality had recently demolished and removed many of these violating buildings and was proceeding ahead with a specific plan to complete the removal of the remaining violating buildings.

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