A true BLU partner

A true BLU partner
Equipped with True On-line Double Conversion Technology and enhanced with a Galvanic Isolation Transformer, the BLU is a nothing short of a revolution in the world of UPS.

The BLU Solution by Amber & Waseem Group of Companies was launched as a result of identifying the gaps within power management deployments

Navigating the complicated maze of UPS offerings can be a daunting task because of the breakneck speed at which this field is evolving. We know this very well, because we are at the forefront of UPS and power management technology, having experimented and invented some of the world's most ambitious UPS solutions.
The essence of our mission to streamline 'Watt to the World' is based on real-world insight. When it comes to automated support systems like UPS, the number one concern for most deployments is safety. Keeping this is mind, we have developed the innovative battery-less UPS, which we affectionately call BLU.
Think of BLU as your prudent partner in power backup management. Equipped with True On-line Double Conversion Technology and enhanced with a Galvanic Isolation Transformer, the BLU is a nothing short of a revolution in the world of UPS.
This battery-less UPS is 3-phase with innovative super-caps-energy storage devices that provides hours and hours of service, and is designed to last more than four decades. The Digital Processor Controlled Embedded surge handling capability in it helps manage the torque load with heavy-rush in current along with the connected load. This makes the BLU suitable for network and telecommunication equipment, ATMs, critical servers and bio-medical machines amongst other critical deployments.
In line with our experimental ethos and vision, we have embedded some truly innovative features into this particular offering. Each one is a powerful, though small, improvement in the overall UPS industry. When they come together, they create a versatile solution for the modern mission-critical business that depends on a system like this.
Embedded Power Factor Correction optimises electrical supply arrangements, best suited for individual load handling (inductive, capacitive and resistive or mixed). Moreover, BLU allows safer, energy-efficient storage devices that provide long service life - lasting 40 years. The battery-less function of the BLU avoids the use of dry and wet batteries. Ultra-capacitor makes it technically compatible to restore charge in just a few hours. It also offers extended variety of the product with highest usable life. The one million cycles at 100 per cent DOD with industry-leading roundtrip efficiency of 99.1 per cent allows practically full energy system capacity.
Multi-lingual operation LCD/LED assists operation parameters in English or Mandarin with ease. Unparalleled flexibility with N+X parallel redundant design, up to six units available, makes the configuration more flexible.  LBS synchronises the output of the two independent battery-less UPS systems (single unit or parallel) even when the two systems are operating on different modes (bypass/inverter) or on ESD. Load Handling Capability with internal transformer helps handle high power load with heavy in-rush current, most suitable for all types of IT, industrial or commercial type of load. Furthermore, the BLU design helps cut expensive operational costs. The embedded Flash charging technology recharges ESD devices quickly and efficiently for the next use.
As scientists first and technology firm second, we always consider ourselves to be learners. We dug in and identified the practical and technical 'gaps' that our valuable customers are faced with in their power management deployments. We then sought about innovating solutions to each of these challenges and the BLU Solution was launched.
Despite its safety profile and enhanced features, we are not drawing any lines in the sand. Like any visionary company, we will continue to improve on our line, offering support and services to our customer at every stage of their deployment so that their systems are forever optimised, and always future-proof.

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