A smile can win over 
people’s hearts

DUBAI — The fact that kindness, smile, nice words and gifts are the key elements to win over people’s hearts was stressed during the first lecture at the cultural programme of the 9th Ramadan Forum held on Thursday night at the Al Twar area.

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Published: Sun 15 Aug 2010, 12:02 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 11:09 AM

The event organised by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Marketing will feature 27 lectures between Ramadan 2 and 18. In his lecture ‘Wining rather than breaking hearts,’ Saudi Arabia’s Sheikh Sulaiman Al Jubailan spoke about how children break their mothers’ hearts and how wives are often distressed by their husbands.

“We all need to be kind and should use nice words. They are the strongest keys which help win over people’s hearts and bring the community closer as God Almighty said in the holy Quran,” he said.

Winning people’s hearts may be attained through different ways. “It is possible through an affectionate smile which is seen as an advisable charity as Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) said.”

Shaikh Jubailan urged Muslims to stop quarrelling with each other and to exchange gifts, especially during Ramadan. “Gifts have a profound impact on people’s hearts,” he said. He asked the audience if anybody had presented a gift to a family member recently.” A young boy confirmed that he had given a gift to his mother. In appreciation of this the Dubai Islamic Bank presented him a gift.

Solidarity is also of great importance to win people’s hearts said Sheikh Jubailan. “The Prophet (PBUH) used to do that between the Mhajireen, who migrated form Mecca, and Al Ansar staying Madina.” Sheikh Jubailan then called upon the audience to follow the path of the Prophet (PBUH) who used to conciliate fighting couples and members of the Muslim community.

Meanwhile, the forum organised a mass Iftar for 3,000 fasting labourers in the Sonapur area under the sponsorship of Saeed and Mohammed Al Nabooda Group. Further religious awareness activities and competitions were held from Maghreb to Ishaa prayers.

As part of the ‘Nation Orator’ — an activity under the forum — 14-year-old scholar Omar Juma Al Hosani spoke on the importance of forgiving and tolerating each other.

Showing brilliant talent and confidence in front of an audience comprising 3,000 people, Omar said that forgiveness is essential in spreading goodness among people.

Dr Rashid bin Othman Al Zahrani, who has a PhD in Islamic Studies, will give a lecture today on the holy Quran and Elevation following the Taraweeh prayers at 9.30pm.


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