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A perfect start to the Ramadan season

A perfect start to the Ramadan season

Want a great traditional way to kick off Iftar season? Look no further than Seven Sands at The Beach.

By David Light

Published: Wed 17 Jun 2015, 9:25 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 2:52 PM

Over the coming weeks you’re no doubt going to receive a plethora of invitations to Iftars around the city. These well-meaning extensions of friendship are a must over Ramadan and most places put on a decent spread. It can, however, begin to get a bit samey, as many establishments’ interpretation of what a traditional Iftar should offer is identical. Short of heading to an Emirati person’s house, an authentic UAE Iftar, or any locally-inspired meal for that matter, has always been difficult to find. Until now.

Seven Sands at The Beach development, JBR is one of the few eateries priding itself on its Emirati menu. A modern interpretation of historically UAE dishes served in one of the most pleasant and upmarket environments in Dubai makes for a very interesting prospect.

Despite calling Dubai home for a number of years, the scarcity of local cuisine outlets is telling given I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Seven Sands. Regional food often from the Levant is of course widely available and enticing, but a creation originating from here was uncharted water. Stepping into the restaurant, however, you immediately feel in safe hands.

While Seven Sands’ interior doesn’t immediately scream “heritage”, the crisp lines and minimally laid tables are more ‘Liverpool Street’ than ‘Liwa’, but it is extremely welcoming. As you ascend to the main dining room, little touches including the light fixtures and the intricate mural on the wall you will pass on the staircase are indications of the concept’s roots.

And then we come to the menu. A comprehensive document that is testament to the varied foodstuffs this area is known for but not regularly seen. Of course there are similarities with the recipes surrounding countries are renowned for, but through the addition of a spice here, or tweak there, Seven Seas makes them its own.

We went for the kibbeh al bezhar - baked kibbeh filled with minced lamb meat, pine seeds and almonds, infused with bezar spice, served with rocca salad and tahini sauce; and a minced meat manakish again flavoured with bezar and served with a pomegranate syrup to begin with. Both dishes were expertly crafted and went down a treat with our elaborate drinks for which Seven Sands is making a name for itself. These drinks included the “Burj Khalifa” which is essentially a creamy caramel milkshake in a half-metre glass and a black cinnamon mojito, which was amazingly refreshing.

For the mains, we took the server’s recommendation and went for the most local options. A fish fouga – which is a whole grilled fish cooked together with perfumed stock and basmati rice, a pinch of saffron and dry limes, served with pan jus reduction. We also opted for a ‘signature’ chicken kebab and saffron rice. The fouga was the winner, with the fish being cooked to perfection. The addition of pomegranate seeds to the kebab made it an excellent choice, but perhaps not as eye- opening as the fish.

Overall if you fancy a taste of the authentic this Ramadan, Seven Sands is your best bet.
Call: 04 551 6652


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