7 food firms shut down

ABU DHABI — Seven foodstuff firms were shut down by the inspection section of the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) during July, Mohammed Jalal, Director of Communications Department at the Authority, told Khaleej Times.

By Atef Hanafi

Published: Sat 12 Aug 2006, 9:46 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 6:09 PM

“These firms included three supermarkets, two cafeterias, a bakery and a foodstuff company,” he said. “Around 553 tonnes of foodstuff was destroyed after it was found unfit for human consumption."

He said that the authority had issued 852 warnings last month to various companies. Around 211 warnings were served to groceries and supermarkets, 181 to cafeterias, 173 to restaurants, 94 to vegetable and fruit outlets, 67 to hotel restaurants, 52 to internet cafes and coffee shops, 48 to bakeries, 14 to companies, two to factories and 10 to other firms.

“Twenty four violations were registered including seven against supermarkets and groceries, six for cafeterias, four for restaurants, three for internet cafes and one violation each against a factory, a bakery and vegetable and fruit shop," he said.

The ADFCA, he noted, also received 24 complaints from members of the public in July against groceries, supermarkets and restaurants.

He said that the establishments, which were closed down, would not be allowed to resume their business unless the authority makes sure that they have met the required hygienic criteria.

He indicated that inspection campaigns were conducted according to a timetable to ensure adherence to food safety measures.

Meanwhile, a total of 8,353,619 tonnes of meat, chicken and fish was imported into the country via Abu Dhabi ports last month.

“Of these imports, 5,954,777 tonnes entered via Mina Zayed, 9,89,936 tonnes through the border Ghuweifat checkpoint, 1,093,286 tonnes through Seh Shuaib and 32,462 came in through the Abu Dhabi International Airport," Jalal said.

He added that 15,092 tonnes of material was confiscated, as it could not meet the specifications set by the ADFCA. Of this, 9,806 tonnes was seized at the Abu Dhabi International Airport and 5,285 tonnes at Ghuweifat outlet.

A total of 18,072 tonnes was destroyed at the free port and stores after the foodstuff was found unfit for human consumption.

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