450 Indonesians have left so far, says embassy

ABU DHABI - About 450 Indonesian expatriates who had been staying in the UAE illegally have so far left for Indonesia since the start of the amnesty in January, while the Indonesian embassy is helping another 200 to 300 amnesty-seekers to leave before April 30, the deadline set by the UAE government.

By Ramona Ruiz

Published: Mon 28 Apr 2003, 12:34 PM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 10:05 PM

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Muhammed Soleh, Charge d'Affaires at the Indonesian embassy in Abu Dhabi, said: "We appreciate and support the UAE government's general amnesty programme which is a legal binding process for expatriates working and residing in the country We also understand that the immigration authorities are busy with the finger-printing and retina scanning We hope that by the end of April 30, our nationals who have applied for amnesty will eventually leave for Indonesia".

He said that the embassy was expecting an additional 400 to 450 illegal immigrants to apply for amnesty "Everything is going smoothly so far and we are still issuing outpasses to amnesty-seekers Those who have already left for Indonesia as well as the ones whose papers are under process are from the household and service sectors," Mr Soleh said.

There are 40,000 Indonesian expatriates in the UAE, most of whom are skilled and semi-skilled workers employed at Eppco, Adnoc and chemical industries, he added.

As for plane tickets for amnesty-seekers, the embassy has made some special arrangements to book them with Gulf Air, Emirates airline and Qatar Airways.

"We still have not received any information on whether the UAE government would extend the deadline of the amnesty, but the embassy has decided to set a deadline on April 29 for the issuance of outpasses to Indonesian amnesty-seekers," Mr Soleh said

He added that overstayers from Dubai and the Northern Emirates could also get their outpasses at the Indonesian Consulate in Dubai, which opened in February.

It is located at Villa No 1, Community 322, Street 2A, Al Hudaiba, Bur Dubai The telephone numbers are: 04-3985666 and 04-3985103.

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