3,000 Complaints of Rash Driving Against Taxi Drivers

DUBAI — Reckless driving by Sharjah taxi drivers in the first half of this year was partly behind passengers registering more than 3,000 complaints, said a Sharjah Transport spokesperson.


Amira Agarib

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Published: Fri 14 Aug 2009, 12:58 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 9:21 AM

Mahmood Al Hossani encouraged commuters call up the company’s toll-free hotline to register any complaint as it tries to implement quality services and take action against bad drivers.

Al Hossani said 3,107 complaints had been registered until the end of June this year.

Of these, 2,583 complaints regarding violations committed by taxi drivers, 441 complaints were for missing items and 83 remarks and suggestions.

Al Hossani said most complaints received by the Sharjah transport are connected to reckless driving, and not stopping for passengers, amongst others. There were also complaints where passengers listed the times the drivers chose longer routes to register higher meter readings and also when drivers ignored calls for service.

Al Hosani said Sharjah Transport give special attention to people’s complaints.

On other hand Mohammed Karam, from the quality service department said the total number of violations recorded against taxi drivers of the franchise companies of Shrajah Transport reached 11,561.

Al Hosani said the refusal of taxi drivers to transpot passengers has topped the list. And, as a result the Sharjah Transport has taken strict measures which led to the drop of complaints in this category.

“We have been issuing fines against taxi drivers. They will be repeatedly warned about their behavior for the first and second time, but we will only terminate their service if they continue to act inappropriately,” Al Hosani said.

Sharjah Transport Authority recently terminated the services of 11 taxi drivers during the current six months of the current year while 46 taxi drivers were terminated in the year 2008.

“It is very difficult to control the violations committed by 5,000 taxi drivers of Sharjah transport.

People can lodge a formal complaint against taxi drivers after writing the name of the taxi company and the taxi number plate.

Also, they can call the Sharjah Transport hotline number on 7000 6 7000,” Al Hossani said.


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