3 of Al Awla participants given monetary support

DUBAI — Al Awla programme which was broadcast every Tuesday during the holy month of Ramadan on Arabian Radio Network (98.9 FM) has announced the names of the three most deserving people who will share Dh100, 000.

By A Staff Reporter

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Published: Wed 8 Dec 2004, 11:32 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 1:24 PM

The programme was held as part of the 'Dubai, The City That Cares' events.

The last episode of the programme brought together all the previous cases that were broadcast on Al Awla, and announced the three most deserving cases, chosen by a panel of judges comprising Dr Omar Al Khateeb, Research Director of the Department of Al Auqaf and Islamic Affairs in Dubai; Ibrahim Obeid, General Secretary of the Social Association; Abdeen Taher, Assistant Manager for special projects and activities at Beit Al Khair Society; and Dr Raymond Hamdan, psychologist.

During the last episode, 15 cases living in harsh conditions were narrated, and each nominee was granted two minutes to explain in brief the details of their unfortunate case and circumstances.

Respectively standing first, second and third, Yasser Moosa was given Dh50,000, Sara's mother Dh30,000 and Huda Hasan Dh20,000.

Moosa revealed the tragic accident of the drowning of his son in his home pool. His son received the wrong treatment, which effected internal bleeding and partial paralysis, finally causing his death. Now running under a debt of Dh68,000, Moosa is unable to send his children to school.

The case of Sara's mother was one of the saddest the listeners heard. She has no nationality or passport while her children are UAE nationals. Her son was born with a brain disorder and is now disabled because he was severely attacked by a maid. Her daughter suffered sexual abuse. About seven years ago, her husband left his family and never returned.

Huda Hasan, the third most deserving case, lost her husband 15 years ago after having moved to the UAE. Currently supporting herself by earning Dh150 a week by selling home-cooked meals at the Friday Market.

Commenting on the program Nuha Safar, Chief Coordinator and Executive Team leader of Dubai The City That Cares, said: “The programme is an incentive for people and organisations to support the unfortunate and needy. We attained the support of charity organisations and were very keen to choosing our panel of judges, who volunteered to evaluate each case, fairly choose the winner.”

Ibrahim Abeed, another judge of the cases, explained that the cases that were chosen required immediate support.

The cash offered by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry was divided into three amounts, he said.

He added that the Al Awla programme was one of the most successful activities of the campaign, and played an important role in enhancing the caring and generous spirit, a core significance of the campaign.

The programme also received a tremendous response from listeners who showed their support by calling and donating a total of Dh10, 000.

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