3 must do activities in Dubai

3 must do activities in Dubai

Dubai - Dubai is a very multi sided destination with something for everyone.

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Published: Mon 24 Jul 2017, 1:06 PM

Last updated: Wed 26 Jul 2017, 1:05 PM

Many people visiting the Dubai get overwhelmed by the number of activities offered in this touristic hub.
Below are 3 must do activities with an overview of each.
#1 Desert Safari
The desert safari in Dubai is the most popular touristic attraction, and is so for a reason.
The vast majority of the country is desert and any trip to the UAE without a visit to the desert would be painting an unfinished picture.
Travelling through the desert aka 'dune bashing' is possible on powerful 4x4 offroad vehicles, most commonly land cruisers or Nissan Patrols and is really something that cannot be experienced on any other terrain.
'Dune bashing' is a mix of driving and being in a roller coaster with very aggressive and steps dunes.

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#2 Dhow Cruise

The 'dhow cruise' is another well established touristic tradition.
Traditionally, the 'dhows' were wooden boats used for all kinds of activities here in Dubai - fishing, pearl diving and most importantly, trade. 
In the 90's, local entrepreneurs began converting dhows into floating restaurant thereby creating a 'Dhow Cruise' concept.
Originally, the floating restaurants only operated in the Creek but in the last 6-7 years the premium Dubai Marina Canal has become the destination of choice for most operators.
A Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina is now a well established attraction in Dubai and attracts hundreds of guests daily, primarily for the views of the marina, combined with a dining experience made unique by the ever changing scenery and the surreal contrast of being on a traditional wooden boat in an ultra modern area like Dubai Marina.

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#3 Fishing Trip

Much like the desert, the sea is an equally important terrain the UAE and must be explored to fully understand the country. 
Although deep sea fishing in Dubai is primarily an activity that is popular among the local residents, and not the tourists, it is nonetheless growing in popularity among the visitors.
Now, granted, Dubai is not a top of the line sport fishing destination full of blue marlins like say Tobago, the Seychelles or South Africa - but nonetheless has a very rich catch during the best seasons with abundant barracuda, cobia, groupers and the very occasional tuna.


Dubai is a very multi sided destination with something for everyone.
Many people glamorize Dubai as a destination for shopping and malls, but there is a lot more to this city, and taking advantage of it all is important for really having a good time here.
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