Straight from the heart

Filed on September 25, 2013
Straight from the heart

Filipina actress-model Marian Rivera shares her love for entertainment with Kristine Abante ahead of her concert in Dubai this weekend

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HAILED AS THE latest Primetime Queen of Philippine TV, Marian Rivera is one of the most sought after celebrities in her homeland. Marian has played iconic roles on TV including the endearing telenovela lead Marimar, local superhero Darna, legendary mermaid Dyesebel and warrior princess Amaya.

Born in Spain and raised in Cavite, Philippines, the stunning 29-year old actress and model will be in Dubai this Friday for the grand Kapuso concert rolled out by network GMA International and My HD TV. Marian started her acting career with GMA back in 2005 and continues to be the network’s prized possession, although there have been talks of her being pursued by a rival network.

When asked to comment about these rumours she openly states, “Yes, there have been offers, but the truth is I just recently renewed my contract with GMA. I choose to stay with them because they’ve been taking care of me since the beginning and I’m very happy with them. There is really no reason to leave. I am proud to be a Kapuso,” referring to the network’s term for its viewers that can only be translated as “sharing heart-to-heart.”

Spending almost a decade in the limelight, Marian is looking at more challenging roles for the future.

“I want to push myself more in terms of projects. I just did a comedy movie with Star Cinema, co-starring the comedy queen Ai-Ai De Las Alas. I also did a cameo for Ekstra, an indie film with one of my cinema idols, Vilma Santos. I am looking forward to roles that people wouldn’t normally expect of me.”

GMA has announced that a new sitcom is in the pipeline for Marian that would commence shooting after their Dubai concert.

Aside from acting, Marian is also a top celebrity endorser, recently voted as #1 sexiest star for FHM Philippines. Despite the fame, she remains humble and grateful to the fans, attributing her success to their endless support. She also counts her passion for yoga and zumba as her secret to staying fit.

Like most actresses, Marian has had her share of lows along the way, but it is evident that the pretty Filipina has come to grips with the downside of her job and is taking it all in her stride.

Stating that she’s never been happier or more relaxed, Marian says she enjoys being an actress and having a job that allows her to connect with fans through her talent.

“I love entertaining people and sharing my talent with them, whether it is through modelling, acting, singing or dancing on stage. Right now I love travelling and meeting fans from different sides of the globe.”

Her fans in turn follow her on Twitter and Instagram. and she’s only happy to offer them a glimpse into her charmed life, that she spends mostly with equally famous boyfriend, actor Dingdong Dantes.

“I feel blessed to be loved by so many fans,” she says. “I try to be active on social media. I share photos almost everyday on Instagram because it gives me a chance to reach out to my fans. Aside from my boyfriend, Dingdong, my fans and my family are a constant source of inspiration. I am very excited to be meeting our fans in Dubai.”