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Mohamad Kadry (kadry@khaleejtimes.com)
Filed on September 1, 2011
Find your chi

If you’re suffering from a bout of cabin fever this summer, it might be time to pull out the yoga mat.

An hour of brisk exercise and meditation every day during summer can help in burning calories faster and rejuvenate the body and mind, says leading yoga master Sumit Manav, founder of Lifestyle Yoga, a new concept in everyday fitness.

Manav, who is acknowledged as one of the top 10 yoga masters in India, says that practising yoga during the hot summer months helps the body to lose fat and improve muscle tone.“Through an hour of power yoga, which combines exercise and meditation, one can de-stress and calm the body and mind,” he adds.

“While yoga can be practised any time of the year, summer has been found to be especially beneficial for maximum effect to the body,” Manav says. “During this season, we advise the increased practise of techniques such as sun salutations which gives a full workout to every part of the body, followed by breathing techniques and meditation that have a therapeutic effect on the mind.”

Increased sweating is a common phenomenon during yogic exercises in summer. “You are going to end up in sweat, no matter what,” says Manav. “However, the free-flowing sweat is a natural cleansing agent for your body and each bead of sweat can release months of stagnant water from the body, leaving you feeling fresh later.”

At the same time, Manav advocates drinking adequate quantities of water to prevent dehydration. “Exercises during summer can drain a considerable amount of water from the body and one needs to replenish that by drinking water at regular intervals,” he says.

Lifestyle Yoga is a powerful and complete form of yoga with high energy levels that helps to unwind the body and mind, and lose weight. This style of yoga has been proven to effectively counter lifestyle-related conditions such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cholesterol, thyroid problems, cervical cancer, osteoporosis, and heart ailments, among others. Routine workouts help in building stamina, improving muscle tone and providing overall strength to the body.

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Lifestyle Yoga runs daily classes for beginners as well as experts at the Sheraton Abu Dhabi and Dubai Equestrian and Polo Club in Arabian Ranches