Leading the way

Mohamad Kadry (Staff Reporter)
Filed on May 5, 2008

Muhammad Moeed Khan, a Pakistani student from the Westminster School, has been invited to attend a two-week event in Washington DC and New York this summer called the Global Young Leaders Conference.

As a representative of his adopted home in Dubai, Khan is set to explore the West in its diversity and history.

Leadership development programme

The conference is a leadership development programme that brings together outstanding young people from around the world to build critical leadership skills in a global context. The importance of meeting and interacting with different nationalities, exploring different mindsets, and opening up to new ideas is what the conference is truly based around.

Unexpected surprise

For Khan, the invitation was an unexpected surprise. 'I never thought about going to this conference. I was sitting in class one day and my English teacher Susan John introduced me to the invitation from the Global Young Leaders conference and she thought I should give it a try,' he says.

'I think the leadership training will have a very positive impact on me,' he adds.

Exchange of ideas

The conference offers students the opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with some of the worlds top business leaders, policy officials, lobbyists, journalists, diplomats, and academics in the dynamic environment that America's capitol offers.

Even more impressive was how Khan managed to find funding for this costly trip. While his parents offered to cover all expenses, the Grade 11 student found sponsors instead to the amazement and excitement of his school instructors. 'I would tell all youth to set a goal in mind... and think beyond the box,' he says.

Beyond extending his experiences to different parts of the globe, Khan has already decided what his life will be dedicated to. From the support and motivation of his mother, Khan is determined to become a commercial pilot one day, and has already begun his training in Pakistan.

'I don't see myself doing anything but flying. I don't think I have ever thought about any other profession in my entire life... when I was a child I would stare at planes in the sky all day,' he says.

As he joins students from around the world this summer, Khan gives inspiration to young and old alike, as he continues his quest to make his mother proud by achieving all his dreams, and some of hers as well.